June 10, 2020

The Speakers with Deepest Bass: Tactile Transducers

By Ankush Kohli

If you have heard of the speakers who would not be heard with ears but felt with the body, you have heard it right. There are so many new technologies and innovations coming up every single day. Thus, the speakers that would let your body feel the vibrations would surely be useful in many ways and many other applications.

What should the price be?

The price of this item is around USD 150. But this one is for home use. If you want the one for different commercial applications, then you may have to shell out more money for sure.

These speakers have deep bass, and they have tactile sound. So, such sounds would be perceived within the body. The features of the speakers that would have deep bass and natural tone would be:

• The sound waves are not distinguished by ears

• The sound waves are observed by the body

• These sounds are perceived by haptic sense

To better understand these things and concepts, you will have to follow the other products, too, which are Inertial Shakers.

A few options that would give you an example of these things are:

1. Clark Synthesis T239

For the best audio applications, you can plan to adopt this technology. Just check the features:

• This transducer is best in quality

• Can be mounted standing or sleeping

• Good in video games

• Best in seating applications also

• Affordable

• Best for home theatre applications

2. Aura Sound

The transducer from this brand is also a good option because:

• The component quality is best

• The design is too good

• The solutions are affordable

• Best for gaming and video applications

3. Earthquake audio

The items as available from this company would be the best for transducer options. The reasons why these options are best are:

• The solutions are good enough and hi-tech

• Easy to use

• Best in applying to video games and other applications

• Seating arrangements

• Good bass speaker

4. Butt Kicker

This company is also a leading one in manufacturing transducer. The items as available from this company are best in quality, and you can get a good deal because of the features:

• Good in quality components

• Durable

• Easy to install

• Good in working

• Long-lasting

There are also other types of transducers mainly made for the hard area, and they are called Linear Actuators. These applications are primarily to be used for the chairs. Two companies are good in these applications.

1. Crowson technology

The tactile transducers are generally like the linear actuators. You might have seen in the cinema halls that there are individual chairs which would vibrate and hence you would get that particular experience in your senses. Such technology can also be brought to your home theatres to give you the very best experience.

2. D-Box Technologies

These kinds of technologies are mainly seen in commercial places like individual cinema halls. The crowd would have a feeling like they are part of that movie. There is a sense that can be absorbed within the skin. You can check out what all products are best suitable for the applications that you need.

The best thing that you might need can be checked online, and once you know which options are good for you, they can be opted for.

Therefore, it would be good to stay in touch with innovation and new styles and see which all things are practical and comfortable. If you can get ahead and invest in these items, you enhance the quality of your life.