July 25, 2020

The Best Portable Scanners of 2020

By Ankush Kohli

With the advent of more work from home jobs and also due to the people’s need to go here and there, the portable scanners are quite a lot in demand these days. Many companies are making such portable scanners, and hence, if you also want to bring one to your living room, then here are the options as available. You can go through the reviews and decide for yourself, which works well for your needs.

The best portable scanners you may think to buy

1. Fujitsu Scansnap S1300i

It is one of the best portable scanners, and it is excellent in features and looks. It would bring inconvenience to your premises, and that’s why it has become one of the best selling items. The features include:

• Can be powered with USB or AC adaptor

• Affordable in price

• Sensible auto feeder

• Great design

• Better than the previous models

2. Epson WorkForce ES-300W

This portable scanner has a slightly bulky size, but it is still one of the best scanners. It has some of the most brilliant features, and they include:

• Autofeed of 20 pages at a time

• Scanning 25 pages per minute

• Compatible with many software

• Wireless in nature

• Good sync with Google and Dropbox

3. Flip-Pal Mobile Scanner

When it comes to portable scanners, there’s one more, but more specifically, for photos, this one with the best features will give you a lot of benefits. Just check the specifications and decide for yourself:

• Runs on 4 AA batteries

• No need for computer

• It offers flatbed screen

• Small LCD

• It can work with various software and your computer

4. Vu Point magic wand Portable Scanner

Vu point portable scanner is an amazing one, and it has some of the best and different features that you will love for sure. They include:

• Easy to hold and easy to scan

• It can be easily moved

• When not in working, it has the auto shut off option

• LCD screen available

• 32 GB memory

• Wi-Fi built-in

5. Doxie Q

If you have been looking for a light in weight and compact portable scanner, then this one Doxie Q is the best one. It has good features, and hence you can rely on that for brilliant performance:

• Doxie Q is good in looks

• Light in weight

• 8GB Memory

• Built-in Wi-Fi

• Can hold 7200 images

• Wireless with a rechargeable battery

6. Brother ADS 1250W

Brother ADS 1250 W is a new and unusual portable scanner that would always support you. When you are looking forward to getting the best functionality out of the same, check the features and how it works.

• Wireless in nature

• Easy to move

• 20 pages auto-feed capacity for documents

• Easy for people who travel a lot

7. Doxie Go Se

This portable scanner from Doxie is a good deal because it doesn’t need a computer, and it is also compact. So, if you are looking for a portable scanner with compact design, check out for this:

• Works on rechargeable battery

• Good in design

• Compact in size

• Scans color paper and print papers too

8. Epson Workforce ES 50

This portable scanner has good capacity, and hence it is very good at speed. Apart from the speed factor, it has also become popular for other reasons, and these include:

• It can scan ID cards and receipts too

• Compatible with windows and mac

• It can sync well with Google and Dropbox

• It uses smart scan software

• Best in design

Get these portable scanners to ease your life.