June 10, 2020

The Speakers with Deepest Bass: Tactile Transducers

If you have heard of the speakers who would not be heard with ears but felt with the body, you have heard it right. There are so many new technologies and innovations coming up every single day. Thus, the speakers that would let your body feel the vibrations would surely be useful in many ways and many other applications. What should the price be? The […]

June 5, 2020

Best Fitness Trackers of 2020

A fitness tracker, also known as an activity tracker, is a device for monitoring and tracking fitness-related details such as distance covered during running, calorie consumption, and heart rate. If you want to measure your calorie gain and loss daily, then this device is made for you. A fitness tracker can help you to develop a healthy lifestyle by managing your fitness activities. By tracking […]

June 1, 2020

Best E-Readers of 2020

E-Readers are also known as E-book Readers and have many advantages. Even if you are a student or a book lover, and looking for an E-Reader to avoid carrying heavy books and novels, we are here to suggest you best E-readers of 2020 with incredible features and price range. The most important parameter of an E-Reader that you should consider is Screen Size, Battery life, […]