Keep The Air Circulating With A Travel Trailer Vent Fan

By simply fitting high quality trailer vents, you will be able to provide your enclosed trailer with some much needed ventilation and circulation. In addition, you will still be guarding against the elements as well as all types of weather. In short, with such a vent, there is no restriction on getting lots of supply of fresh air into what could have otherwise been a closed and stuffy environment. In this regard, here are some important tips one should take into consideration when buying travel trailer vent fans, these include but are not limited to the following;

With lots of options readily available in the market, you should choose whether you want the unit to have a thermostat. Most units or brands have a three speed fan which can be set to either blow out or in. with a thermostat; the fan does only operate when the thermostat demands for cooler air. However, once the thermostat has been satisfied, the fan will shut off automatically. This feature does allow the unit to deliver relatively consistent temperatures. Such units are ideal for use when you are asleep or when you leave your pets behind.

Additionally, you should also choose whether you want the vent to have a rain sensor with a motor that can automatically close the lid when it starts to rain. It is important to mention that generally, rain sensors are not available without the thermostat option. Another feature that you may wish to take into consideration is the ceiling garnish shape. Depending on the brand you opt for and the shape of your trailer ceiling, there are several interior ceiling garnishes. Brands such as Fan-Tastic have two different interior ceiling garnishes; the curved and standard garnish. The curved garnish only curves in the front and back and has no curve on the sides while the standard garnish is flat and is ideal for flat ceilings or those that are slightly curved.

Here are some of the popular traveler vent fans readily available in the market, they include but are not limited to the following:

1) Product Name: Heng’s CR Vortex Vent Fan Kit

Product Price: $ 51.72

Product URL: https://is.gd/gHIT1F

Product Details: the unit is easy to install as all you need to have is a Phillips head screwdriver and you are good to go. In addition, the non-powered vents can easily be converted with additional wiring and is readily available in a variety of colors to complement your travel trailer.

2) Product Name: Ventline EZ-lift roof with a 12V Fan

Product Price: $ 65.50

Product URL: https://is.gd/G9ncps

Product Details: this radius corner screen designed roof vent does come with a single speed 12V fan and includes a manual spring loaded handle that can lock into ten different positions, white polypropylene dome as well as an extra strong ¼” white plastic roof flange. For ease of operation, the fan switch is normally mounted to the vent.

3) Product Name: Aluminum 2 Way pop up roof vent

Product Price: $ 29.95

Product URL: https://is.gd/9iTCmI

Product Details: this masterfully made 2 way pop up aluminum roof vent is easy to install and is designed in such a way as to open in either direction. The unit is also easy to maintain and requires 6 ¼ by 11 “rough opening for installation.

Frequently Asked Questions (Q & A)

1) I Want to replace my existing fan, what do I need to do to ensure it fits?

Generally, most fans have the same rough opening size which is 14” by 14”. However, there are those that don’t adhere to these general measurements and it is therefore important to measure your current opening size and get a unit that’s going to fit without significant adjustments.

2) My Vent Fan closes and opens by itself, what is wrong with it?

This does happen mostly to fans that are equipped with a rain sensor feature. If this is the case then chances are that the rain sensor is dirty and needs to be cleaned. For the best results, make sure you clean the sensor thoroughly using a soft cloth and some alcohol. This should be able to solve the problem, however it the problem persists you should contact technical support.

3) The vent opens but the fan blade will not turn what is wrong?

In most instances, if you have a problem with the fan not working, chances are that the problem is with the switch. The switch can either be sticky, dirty or corroded from the elements and may need to be cleaned with some emery cloth or be replaced.

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