Some Things You Want To Know About Travel Trailer TV Antenna Boosters

Whether you intend to live full-time in an RV or you are just in for an adventure in your travel trailer from time to time, you will want to stay entertained if at all you want to enjoy the road life experience. After carefully choosing a good travel trailer TV and purchasing an antenna, you there may be more than a few reasons for you to start thinking about a TV antenna booster or amplifier. An antenna is basically that internal or exterior cabled attachment that connects to your TV through aerial/antenna port or connector. It receives and broadcasting signals from the airwave and transmits them to your entertainment device.

There are various types of TV antennas, some of whose function may need to be boosted for better signal reception and transmission. Signal boosters are the devices through which a cable from the antenna passes through before connecting to the TV. The device pre-amplifies the received signals, improves its quality and makes it more stable, resulting in better clarity for your TV display. That having been said, here are a few things you need to know about travel trailer TV antenna boosters, the types available, when to tell that you need one, and how to choose a good one for your RV travel adventure.

When Do You Need a TV Signal Booster?

As a proud RV traveler, higher chances are that you might travel to distant places far from broadcasting centers, thereby experiencing weak signal reception; even in today’s digital TV era. One of the ways you can avoid the inconvenience of having to miss you favorite show is by having a signal preamplifier or booster for your RV TV on the standby. Some signs of weak signal reception may include hanging or frozen display, scratchy pictures, and diminished clarity. It is, however, important that you refer to you TV and antenna manuals to determine whether installing a booster is recommended by the manufacturer in such a case. If you have a number of television sets sharing signals from the same antenna through a splitter, you may also need a signal preamplifier since the quality may be affected by the splitting.

HDTV Boosters

With the migration from analog to digital TV signal transmission, a number of things changed. Analogue frequencies used to have the capacity to carry only one program with a limited amount of data in the particular channel. This somehow used to lead to some type of congestion in the airwaves. With today’s D/HD, a single channel frequency can carry a huge amount of data and programs at a go. This is where the need for RV boosters comes in. A good RV HDTV booster is able to transmit and process carried information faster and more effectively as opposed to transmission done with the antenna alone.

What Are Some of the Types Available?

Built In Boosters:

It is important to note that some antenna models for RV TVs in the market today come with pre-installed or built-in signal boosters. Depending on the brand, a signal booster may not be required in such a case. Although it can work, installing an additional signal preamplifier when you have such an antenna may lead to more problems.

Masthead Antenna Booster

A TV antenna booster is made up of two major components. These include the amplifier and the power supply. In most cases, the amplifier is often mounted near the antenna onto the supporting pole whereas the power supply is located indoors. The amplifier receives power from the supply unit through the antenna’s coax cable.

Distribution Amplifiers

There is another class of signal boosters or amplifiers known as distribution amplifiers. These are mostly suitable if you intend to have more than one TV sets in your travel trailer. They help boost signals as it enters the respective TV sets from the antenna. They are also normally larger than masthead types and require power supply through a separate cable from the RV in order to function.

Indoor Signal Amplifiers

These can be used inside the RV to boost antenna signals irrespective of whether the antenna already has a preamplifier or not.

There are numerous options of devices out there you that you can go for when looking to boost a weak travel trailer TV signal. To choose a good one for your RV, consider compatibility with your antenna, power requirements, the number of TVs you have, and compare specifications.

Examples of Travel Trailer TV Antenna Boosters

1. PCT Bi-Directional TV Signal Booster (Single Port)
• Source: Amazon
• Price: $22.50
• Link: https://is.gd/Yr7MZK

2. Winegard HDTV RV Antenna Upgarde Sensor Digital Reception Booster
• Source: Amazon
• Price: $96.99 plus $5.99 shipping
• Link: https://is.gd/NU9W2Z

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