Travel Trailer Television Sets And How To Choose A Good One For Your RV Trip

When that time of the year comes and you have an RV travel to arrange, there are a few thinks you might need to think about before you even start parking. You will obviously start with the basic essential necessities like food, fuel, and related supplies. However, you do not want to go on a 3 week trip in your travel trailer and leave your favorite entertainment behind. It is normal for trips to comprise of some boring moments, especially the evenings before you retire to bed. Along with internet access, stereo, and your gaming devices, you do not want to miss some of your favorite TV shows neither. Unbeknownst to many campers, and RVers, there are some good Travel Trailer Television Sets out there that you can get and keep tabs with some of your nice talk shows, TV series, and news. You may, however, need to investment in handy accessories such as RV antennas, HDTV aerial antennas, and boosters in order to get the most out of your TV set.

Considerations When Purchasing an RV TV Set

In case you haven’t gotten your travel trailer a TV set yet, here are some things you would want to look at when choosing one.

1. Appropriate TV Size

There might not be a set standard as to what the appropriate TV size for your RV should be. However, it is worth considering you preferences as well as the available space before making the purchase. The most common RV Television sets range somewhere from 7 to 22inches in screen size. The design and entire TV body size should also be factored in. There are LCDs and LED TVs available in the market, most of which are flat screen and thin enough to save space. Some of them can be mounted on the wall or a fixed position to handle any bouncing impacts when the vehicle is on the move. Small portable TVs are also available, which are generally less costly and compact in case space and budget are limiting factors.

2. Tv Features

Just like with residential or home TVs, Some RV television sets are designed with more than a few inbuilt features. These may include broadcasting, DVD player, USB functionality, HDMI, SD card reader and much more. Others just have ports that you through which you can connect additional compatible devices to play your media files, like a DVD player for instance. Going for a reputable model that has numerous features can limit the number of devices or add-ons you require hence can be a great option.

3. Power

The other important thing to consider is the TV power. Most RV TV models are designed to use AC/DC meaning that they draw power from your vehicle. However, some variants are multi-power compatible, meaning you can even use it back at home from the plug upon coming from your trip. The smaller variants either use rechargeable lithium ion batteries or the other conventional type of batteries.

4. Signal Reception

You may not enjoy much of your travel trailer TV without a good signal reception system in place. Better signal receptions you will obviously have to place an exterior antenna or satellite dish. However, some TV sets with built-in signal receivers are able to pick up some OTA signals. For travel trailers and rigs that come with cable output ports for basic and standard def TV channels, you can upgrade using digital tuners and cabled boxes from to get a better reception and definition. Satellite TV is always the best. To receive a satellite service while on the move, you may require purchasing a roof mount satellite dish and a dome antenna. These accessories also vary widely depending on manufacturer and source. Basically, it is important to consider a reputable service and product. There are also HDTV antennas or boosters designed for the earlier versions travel trailer television sets that were manufactured before the digital migration era. This antenna can help you get better digital signals from analog for over the Air TV.

5. Budget

Last but not least, you obviously need to consider your budget. However, you don’t have to break the bank to own a good TV set for your travel entertainment. Doing your homework to make pricing comparisons from various sources before you approach the stores can be advisable. Reviews and customers testimonials can also help in your research for a nice, affordable, and reliable travel TV.

Examples of RV TV Sets

1. Axess 22" AC/DC LED TV (Full HD)

• Source: Wal-Mart
• Price: $139.99
• Link: https://is.gd/Lq0Dym

2. ProScan 19" LED HD TV/DVD (Combo)

• Source: Camping World
• Price: $120.75
• Link: https://is.gd/t4w4T8

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