What You Need To Know About Travel Trailer Slide Out Parts For Proper RV Maintenance

I like looking at a travel trailer as more of a convertible, with respect to some of the parts that can be unfolded and folded back into position again into a compact structure that suits travel when it’s time to hit the road again. Well, some of these extensional parts or slide out areas make space feel larger and rooms more spacious. To allow this functionality, there are some parts of an RV that play various important roles to see this happen conveniently. Some of these parts include components of electric, and hydraulic systems, as well as parts like switches, seals, and stabilizers. To get you better informed and more aware of your RV below is a list of some of the most common and important travel trailer slide out parts you may want to know about.

Hydraulic Slide-Out Parts

Many travel trailers or RV’s contain hydraulic slide out system components, among which the hydraulic power unit pump is a centerpiece part. For most motorized recreational vehicles, slide out and leveling pumps are normally used to push out and sustain a number of slide rooms, say 3 to 4 depending on the type and size of the RV. Hydraulic power units are mostly made up of a motor, a solenoid polarity reverser, and a fluid reservoir. These are some of the most important slide-out parts as far as hydraulic pumps are concerned.

Replacement Air Cylinders for Slide Outs

Hydraulic slide systems also require air cylinders to sustain the expansion and retraction of the slide out space. If damaged or faulty, such an air cylinder will not function well in maintaining a substantial amount of air pressure to move the slide out space. In such a case, your RV slide out system will require a replacement cylinder, which you can easily find and install by yourself. When looking for a slide out air cylinder for replacement, be sure to consider the device’s measurements or specifications, which may include retracted pressure, stroke, bore width, extended length, and maximum pressure/SQ inch or PSI. You can easily determine these measurements from your travel trailer or RV manual.

Electric Slide-Out Parts

In comparison to hydraulic slide-out systems, electric systems are sometimes more sophisticated and complex. This is mostly because electric systems tend to use gear chains, screw drives, cables, or metal tracks to move slide out rooms. These systems are often powered by an electric motor and gearbox, which should always be purchased as a pair in case any of them is faulty.

Slide Out Switches

Most travel trailer slide out systems are switch-operated, opening and retracting at the touch of a button. If the system suddenly seizes to be functional, the switch assembly is often the first place to look according to experts in this field. Damaged switches will obviously require replacement, which would come alongside a faceplate and switch wiring.

Slide-Out Stabilizers

Other highly important parts of an RV slide out system include stabilizers. Even though they’re not common in most travel trailer models, they still play an important support function, especially in extensions that stay for long slid out. The help minimizes the chances of twisting. Bending, and other damages that may originate from extended use.

RV Slide-Out Seals

Another class of overly important part of an RV slide out system is the seal, which serves to protect the system’s mechanical parts by playing a number of roles. Seals block debris from falling into the slide out retraction areas, keep moisture away from the space, and help achieve the overall maintenance goal of RV slide-out spaces. When these parts get damaged or become faulty, it means that they should be replaced as soon as the signs are first identified. However, some seals may not be entirely damaged and would be best repaired using rubber seal treatment.

Universal RV Slide-Out Parts

Some slide-out parts are universal but not a requirement. Most of these are maintenance parts rather than the major functional components.

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