Important Tips When Buying Travel Trailer Roof Vent Covers

Even though roof vents are usually quite sturdy and strong, they are usually exposed to the elements and are prone to breakages when you least expect it to. In this regard, it is highly recommended that you invest some money and purchase a travel trailer roof vent cover. These rather oddly shaped units are very important in that they easily protect your vent lid from any damage while still leaving and keeping the unit dry. This not only means that your vent will last longer, but it also allows you to keep the vent open during harsh weather such as rainstorms. This allows you to get adequate air circulation without necessarily letting any water leak in.

When choosing a vent cover, it is important to first and foremost get the measurements right. To get the measurements, you first need to measure your vent and not the cover on your trailer. In most instances, the vents are 14.5 by 14.5 inches, 13 by 14 inches or 14 by 14 inches in size. You should get a cover that fits your vent. Once you have the measurements right, you must ensure that the cover you have chosen uses a similar type of hinge as the one on your vent, in most instances it is a rolled metal edge.

Generally, most covers don’t need any special tools for installation purposes and there is usually no need to make any adjustments on the roof, cover or vent. If your cover looks as if you need to make some adjustments before it fits into the vent then chances are that you have the wrong cover for your trailer. In such a scenario, it is highly recommended that you don't make any adjustments on either the vent or the vent cover but rather look for a vent cover that snugly fits into your vent.

Here are some of the popular travel trailer roof vent covers readily available in the market. They include but are not limited to the following:

1) Product Name: FanMate EZClip Vent Cover

Product Price: $ 52.19

Product URL: https://is.gd/Y7LT9e

Product Details: this unit does offer users a quick, easy and no tool installation. In addition, it offers superior rain protection with less than five percent air flow restriction. The unit does easily fit over the molded, waterproof mounting tabs on MAXXFAN plus & MAXXFAN models. For installation, you simply slide the clip through the tab and the cover will be secured. The unit does also give users full access to the fan and can be offered with an optional bug screen.

2) Product Name: MAXXAIR I Original Translucent Vent Cover

Product Price: $ 30.44

Product URL: https://is.gd/avbR4F

Product Details: easy to install, you simply attach the vent cover to your standard RV roof vent vertical flange. It’s easy to install Zero leak mounting system ensures that you don’t drill unnecessary holes into the roof surface. In addition, the removable screen that’s placed behind the louvers does keep leaves and bugs out. The unit is made of high density polyethylene with UV protection.

3) Product Name: Heng’s Universal 14” Vent covers

Product Price: $ 18.56

Product URL: https://is.gd/eHHQ3X

Product Details: this cover does come with a slide and is very easy to install. Made from polyethylene, the unit is long lasting and durable. It snugly fits into all Ventline and Elixir Vents and doesn’t require any drilling of holes. The unit is also available in a wide variety of colors and has a three year limited warranty from the manufacturer.

Frequently Asked Questions (Q & A)

1) Do these covers allow in some sunlight or are they opaque?

Generally, most of these covers tend to allow some little light to pass through them. However, this depends on the color of the cover that you are using and the material it’s made off. It is also worth mentioning that the main aim of the cover is to protect the vent and not necessarily to allow lots of light through. However, if you want more light to filter in, then opt for a smoked cover.

2) Can I use a cover from any brand name?

Yes it is possible. The most important factor you need to take into consideration is the measurement. Most standard vents are 14.25 by 14.25 inches wide or 13 by 14 inches wide. Provided you get the measurement right then any brand should fit your travel trailer.

3) Are these covers UV protected?

Not all of them are UV protected. You must do some research and inquire if the unit you want to buy has been UV treated.

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