Gain Access To The Roof Of A Travel Trailer With The Right Ladder

As odd as it might seem, some travel trailers don’t leave the factory with roof access ladders even though a large majority do. Even though some trailer roof tops are not structured to walk on frequently, it is important to have a roof access ladder nevertheless. This is especially so if you want to clean and inspect the roof of your RV or trailer. Even though it is true that you can use a regular A-frame ladder to do this, the disadvantage would be that you have to carry it wherever you go: the best option is therefore to install a roof ladder.

When you are choosing a roof ladder, it is important to take into consideration the height of the trailer from the ground up, you should then use this measurement to get a ladder that fits the height. If you have a small ladder that’s fitted at the back of the trailer, then you should get a ladder that can be fitted from the ground up and hooked with the already fitted small ladder and used to climb up the roof. It is also important to pay close attention to the material used to manufacture the ladder: aluminum is the best and most common material for a roof access ladder.

It is also important to take into consideration the carrying capacity of the ladder, this is especially so if you intend to be carrying some heavy loads on top of your RV or trailer. Apart from considering your weight, you should also take into consideration the weight of the items you are more likely to be carrying up the roof.

Here are some of the popular travel trailer roof ladders readily available in the market. They include but are not limited to the following:

1) Product Name: RV Starter 48” Roof Ladder

Product Price: $ 44.48

Product URL: http://is.gd/CAaBo5

Product Details: this Stromberg Carlson ladder is of aluminum construction. It offers users an easy and safe climb to the roof of their travel trailer for roof top maintenance purposes. It is stable, sturdy and yet very lightweight. It is also easy to use because it does attach to the bottom of an existing RV or travel trailer ladder in the case that you are unable to reach the already fitted ladder (OEM) on your RV or travel trailer.

2) Product Name: Outdoor Universal Ladder

Product Price: $ 81.89

Product URL: http://is.gd/wxmpqc

Product Details: this ladder is designed to conform to the shape of the RV. The integrated hinge does allow the ladder to be safely mounted at an angle. The included standoff brackets do secure and support the ladder in the shape that’s demanded by the design of the RV. It is also light since it is made of 1” anodized aluminum tubing with extruded treads. It is durable and can stand up to the harsh weather, looking good for years. The ladder is about 100 inches in height and the treads are about 10 inches in width between the uprights. It is important to note though that all screws that connect the RV to the trailer must be securely fastened to the Trailers sub frame or backing. It is very unsafe to use a ladder that’s not connected to the Trailers sub frame or backing.

3) Product Name: Surco 501LS Hinged Ladder

Product Price: $ 108.80

Product URL: http://is.gd/JY9jf4

Product Details: this ladder has a height of ninety seven (97) inches on the straight portion, the top bar is seventeen (17) inches front to back and eight (8)inches tall. The unique hinges adjust to the contour of the vehicle and the four stand-offs can therefore be located anywhere for support purposes. Made of one inch aluminum, this particular ladder has relatively wide steps which are all non-slip and very stable. Easy to use and set up as well, can also withstand the harsh external weather conditions without staining or rusting.

4) Product Name: EZ Deck Semi Trailer Ladder

Product Price: $ 259.99

Product URL: http://is.gd/0X2tSt

Product Details: these ladders easily and seamlessly slide over the side rub rails of the trailer. Alternatively, the included brackets can be bolted to virtually any type of trailer. The ladder does fold up and locks in place when it is not in use. The ladder is about seventy two (72) inches in length and can comfortably hold up to 375lbs. when not in use: the ladder can be locked onto the trailer. It is made of lightweight and yet durable aluminum. The caster wheels at the bottom of the ladder allows the ladder to safely pivot while you are either loading something heavy or just climbing up the ladder to undertake some repair or maintenance roles on the roof. It is also worth noting that this ladder can also work pretty well as a flat bed ladder if and when required.

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