Varied Roofing Options For The Trailer Trailer

There are very many different materials which can be used for travel trailer roofs. It is worth noting that the roof usually receives a lot of punishment from the weather punishment in the form of hail, heat, rain as well as ultraviolet rays and other forms of abuses such as tree limb abrasions. In this regard, it is important to get stronger and durable roofing materials at all times.

Aluminum is a fairly easy to repair and low cost roofing option which is quite long lasting and durable too. It can be used for both low cost and high end travel trailer options as well. Its biggest drawback or weak point though is the dirty streaks it leaves down the Trailer sides as the rain washes down any oxidation off the roof.

EPDM rubber is also another popular option: they are available in different price points for both high end as well as low cost travel trailers. EPDM is durable, cost effective, easy to work with and flexible as well. Usually gluing the EPDM to the substrate can prove a challenge and may at times work loose and cause some bubbles while traveling due to the aerodynamics of the rig.

Another popular material is TPO or Thermo Plastic Olefin which is similar to EPDM with the main difference being that it sold featuring a plastic rather than a rubber base. It is lighter in weight when compared against EPDM and is also quite durable as well.

Fiber glass roofing has also grown in popularity over the years, this is especially so for the high end products. In most instances, such roofs usually have identical in make up to side walls and end caps to the travel trailer. This can at times be done using a molded roof that fits the contours of the roof and also flat sheeting. It also has the distinct advantage of being free of the dark streaks usually associated with other roofing materials. They are probably the most expensive type of roofing material readily available in the market.

Other roofing options include acrylic coating, Specialty metal, Fully Adhered Modified Rolled Roofing, Sprayed or Rubberized Coating as well as Polyester Membrane Embedded in Elastomeric Coating amongst a long list. Here are some of the common travel trailer roofing options though: these include but are not limited to the following:

1) Product Name: White EPDM Rubber Roofing Membrane 60 Mil, 10 ft Wide

Product Price: $ 16.55

Product URL: http://is.gd/i0DnZE

Product Details: this can be used for new single ply roof construction, repair applications, re-roofing , mobile homes as well as other RV roofs. It is UL fire rated with flame retardant as well. This is used in conjunction with an EPDM grade adhesive so as to create some fully adhered roofing system. To make small area repairs or make seams, lap seams are usually made and sealed with some seam seal tape.

2) Product Name: Metal Roofing Tile, Castle Top Style

Product Price: $ 272.95

Product URL: http://is.gd/asqJLJ

Product Details: manufactured from aluminum, this long lasting and lightweight metal shingle is quite durable and is quite a perfect alternative to the common traditional roofing products and will also not rust. In many instances, these shingles can be applied directly over the old roof and does therefore eliminate the need for tear off as well as disposal. These have an embossed finish and are usually available in a wide variety of colors. In fact, these colors can be combined to make patterning effects on your roof.

3) Product Name: InSpire Aledora Slate Field 12 by 18 Tiles Class A (Bundle has 24)

Product Price: $ 72.95

Product URL: http://is.gd/1lY4W9

Product Details: these beautiful synthetic slate roofing tiles are usually manufactured using a proprietary blend of durable materials. They are quite popular due to their overall beauty and durability. Unlike natural slate though, these synthetic slates won’t delaminate or break and are sold with a 50 year transferable manufacturer’s warranty. It is also Class A fire rated with specified underlayment.

4) Product Name: 11.5 by 15 ft Roof Ridge and Hip Flashing

Product Price: $ 129.95

Product URL: http://is.gd/23iABw

Product Details: this adapts to almost any situation. It blends and expands permanently to difficult areas. This is a flexible and durable weather resistant product which can be used during instances where weather blocking is needed or required. It has a high temperature butyl adhesive with a synthetic release liner as well. It can therefore be applied at temperatures of anything between forty (40) and one hundred and seventy six (176) degrees. Because it does not require mortar at the hips, the installation costs are greatly reduced and the potential for weather infiltration is greatly reduced.

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