Relax In Style In Your Travel Trailer With The Right Recliner

Recliners have without doubt been a classic piece of furniture in many American households for nearly a century and their popularity is not bound to go down any time soon. Modern recliners have continued to be the much loved refuge of hardworking women and men across the whole country. With the increase in travel trailers and RVs, the usage of recliners in these units has also increased significantly over the years. When choosing recliners for your travel trailer, there is no shortage of options. There are units that rock, those with built phone and cup holders, those with massage and heat options etc. to get the most appropriate recliner, it is imperative for one to know and appreciate the styles of recliners available.

Simply put, recliner styles are generally categorized by how they recline and the mechanism they adopt. The most popular recliner is the traditional two position recliner. The unit only features the upright and reclining positions. This recliner does require at least three feet of space behind, this doesn’t make it very popular in small spaces. The footrest is usually included in the chair. The unit is simple, easy to use and very durable when compared against the newer styles.

The wall-saver recliners were created to provide users in small spaces with a functional furniture solution. These units usually require a few inches to recline and are quite popular with travel trailers, RVs and motorhomes. Most of these units also rock, making them quite comfortable and relaxing. It can also provide a swaying motion if you don’t want to completely lie back. In addition, the unit does offer several reclining angles, a feat that’s not possible with the 2 position recliner.

Push-back recliners are the newest style and can recline without a button or lever. It only requires the person sitting in the chair to lean backwards and exert some minimal pressure on the back of the unit. This is commonly used in theater seating units. They also tend to be more stylish and sleek, the lack of a lever does also give the unit a regular armchair look, making it quite ideal for use in contemporary style sitting rooms. Even though most recliners can easily be categorized into the above mentioned categories, newer designs most often incorporate a mixture of features into a single model, this may include having a rocking two position recliner or a push back recliner that also rocks.

When selecting your recliner, you also need to take into consideration the functionality and upholstery of the unit. There are several materials used to make recliners such as vinyl, fabric and leather. When choosing your upholstery, it is important to consider a variety of factors such as the ease of maintenance, the durability as well as the aesthetics of the unit. Even though leather is fire resistant, its quality varies and requires some high maintenance. Cotton on the other hand is easy to maintain, absorbent but wrinkles easily and is flammable. Wool is durable but is a high maintenance material and over time does have very little sunlight materials. It is therefore important to go through the pros and cons of each material before making an informed decision regarding the best upholstery to use on the unit.

Here are some popular travel trailer recliners readily available in the market. They include but are not limited to the following:  

1) Product Name: Flexsteel Swivel Euro Recliner

Product Price: $ 1050.00

Product URL: https://is.gd/CeamKD

Product Details: while still offering lots of comfort, these recliners take up very little space. These steel and wood frame recliners are normally built for the rigors of over the road driving. The seat has a depth of 20.5, a width of 18.5 and an inclined depth of 60. The seat is easy to maintain and is available in a wide variety of coverings such as Kashmira, Primera, Fabric and Ultra leather.

2) Product Name: Lambright RV Harrison Double Recliner Unit

Product Price: $ 1975.00

Product URL: https://is.gd/qtWUhy

Product Details: the unit can be secured to the floor with bolts or left as a standalone. It can sit 41 inches from the wall to the front seat base when fully installed. It has a depth of 63” when fully installed, making it quite ideal for travel trailers with minimum space.

3) Product Name: Gaga Recliner

Product Price: $ 1600.00

Product URL: https://is.gd/aEHVPW

Product Details: combining the patented technology of independent backrest, retractable footrest and headrests adjustment, this unit is sure to offer you years of unparalleled comfort and luxury. Coming fitted in high quality Brazilian leather, the unit is stylish and sleek.

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