Travel Trailer Mattresses - Shopping Guide

When the time comes for you to take a vacation and relax your mind away from the busy energy-draining routine, it is obvious that a lot of ideas will come to your mind. One of the most exciting and unique ways to spend your spare time is to utilize your recreational vehicle or travel trailer and go camping or adventure on a road trip. As you think about things such as food, fuel, lighting, and other necessities to make your little trip convenient and fun enough, you also have to think about your sleep and comfort. As a matter of fact, it can make more sense to you if you live or intend to live full-time in an RV. This is where the importance of travel trailer mattresses comes in. Whether you intend to go shopping for one or you are looking for a replacement mattress for your travel trailer bed, selecting the ideal type can be a bit daunting. There are various types of RV and camper trailer mattresses depending on a number of factors. Below are some crucial tips you can use to narrow down on the numerous available options and choose the right product before buying.

1. Consider Comfort and Material

There are various types of RV mattresses based on material types. All of them have varying degrees of comfort, support, and durability. Convenience, shapes, styles and price also vary.

Innerspring/Coil Mattresses

Innerspring mattresses offer a more comfortable sleep experience as compared to others such as foam RV mattresses. Most of them come with an upper padding material such as foam, which can be replaced if it wears out. They are also considerably durable and allow you to turn and use the other side if you desire to. However, they tend to be relatively heavier than foam and tend to be costlier.

Air mattresses

Air mattresses are common among campers and trailer travelers who are enthusiasts of maximum sleep comfort. Most of them require inflation to use but are advantageous in that the user can fill them up to the firmness of their preference. They also come topped with comfortable foam padding. However, an air mattress can cause inconvenience if it sustains a leak or the user lacks an inflating tool/pump. They are also costlier that most other options.

Memory Foam Mattresses

This is another kind of travel trailer RV mattresses that are made from urethane foam but topped with a layer of 'memory foam’. They mold to the user’s body shape, enhancing comfort and reducing the chances of developing back problems. Some of them have a 'gel memory’ layer, which helps regulate heat and reduce sweating during warm nights. They are a bit costlier than foam but offer a considerably higher level of comfort.

Foam Mattresses

Foam mattresses are one of the most options among the relatively affordable RV mattress types. They are basically made from high-density urethane foam layer inside and a softer foam layer for a comfortable padding on top. Some of them are made from the higher-quality natural latex foam and are the ones preferred most by travel trailer adventurers. These can also last considerably, especially for people who use their RV beds occasionally. High-quality dense foam mattresses have a considerable level of comfort.

2. Consider the Size You Need

One of the most important factors to look at when buying a mattress for your travel trailer is the size. In most cases, mattress size is determined by the width as well as the thickness measurements. Sizes are also labeled according to the size of the RV bed. The most common sizes of mattresses for travel trailers include RV King, RV Short Queen, RV Short, RV Full, and RV Twin. However, there are dealers who provide custom sized options upon request. The most important thing is to make sure that the mattress you go for will fit on your bed before buying. It is also important to consider the thickness of the mattress with respect to your comfort, but the material and quality also have a big part to play when it comes to this. The RV Short Queen or queen size happens to be the most popular bed size for recreational vehicles and measures either 60-inch by 74-inches or 60-inch by 75-inches. If you are familiar with the residential or standard home queen mattress, you will notice the difference since most of them are or 60-inch by 80-inches. When choosing the desired thickness, it is also important to consider whether there will be any height limitations. A mattress too thick can lead to injuries as you rise or sit-up on the bed and bump your head on the trailer ceiling.

3. Brand and Dealer

Last but not least, it is important to choose well when it comes to the Travel Trailer Mattresses brand and the dealer or online store. Whether you intend to buy an air mattress, foam, gel memory, or innerspring mattress, consider looking for brands with a good reputation in terms of durability, warranty, and customer satisfaction. The same case should apply when choosing the dealer. Online reviews for RV mattresses, as well as customer testimonials, can be resourceful when choosing the product. When choosing based on price, consider the fact that expensive doesn’t always necessarily mean superior quality.

Travel Mattress Product Examples

1. Serenia Sleep’s 6-Inch RV Queen Mattress
Buy from Amazon.com (https://is.gd/4UxHRl)
Price: $230.77

2. 6-inch Twin-size RV Foam Mattress from Select Luxury
Buy from Overstock.com (https://is.gd/J7lNZ5 )
Price: $184.99

3. The 5.5-inch Elation Cool-MAX Gel RV Foam Mattress II
Buy from mattressinsider.com (https://is.gd/iFQqiU)
Price: $357.00

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