Travel Trailer Interior Wall Panels For Repair Or Replacement Needs

Your travel trailer does play a significant role in your life and having one that is well maintained is important. The wall panels are an integral part of your travel trailer and therefore a lot of considerations should be put in place while trying to locate the right wall panels to install, during a partitioning or remodeling project, especially since this is your home when on long road trip adventures. Whether you need to replace the existing TT panels or you’re just looking to make some modifications for the existing space, below are some key pointers that will help you make the right interior wall panel selection for your travel trailer.

Interior Décor

The current interior décor should be the guiding element when it comes to the selection of an interior wall panel. You would want the wall panel to give the interior of your travel trailer that stylish look and feel rather than just complement the current décor.


Having to choose the right travel trailer interior wall panels means that you have the weight factor considered. Excess weight from the wrong choice of wall panels would have serious implications on the structural stability of the trailer, especially if you intend to travel a lot. You do not want to jeopardize your RV road adventures with inconveniences, so choose interior panels wisely based on weight.


The material used to manufacture the wall panel is one of the most important factors to take into consideration when choosing the wall panels for your travel trailer. It is what affects the choice of paneling. Most interior wall panels are made from wood, vinyl, fiberglass, metal ad composite materials. The most commonly used wall panels are those made of fiberglass and vinyl. This is because of the ease of installation, low maintenance and it is very easy to clean the two. Below are details of some of the most common wall panels available by the material.

1) Thermoplastic Wall Panels 

These are water and stain resistant panels that are durable and timeless in design. They give the interior of your travel trailer a lasting stylish impression; these aspects make them quite perfect to be used in any room. They are the best options when it comes to remodeling because of the wide variety of styles. These wall panels are also very easy to maintain.

2) Vinyl Wall Panels

With these panels, you can use both hot melt and water adhesives. These panels can be used with a variety of substrates like plywood pine, plastic, and hardwood lumber, as well as particle board. Vinyl panels are easy to use and are quite durable. They can handle a variety of finish options and are readily available in a variety of sizes. Vinyl panels are also available in a wide variety of colors that you can easily choose to complement the rest of your travel trailer interior décor.

3) Plant Fiber Panels

Just like the name suggests, there are panels that are made from natural plant fibers. They are easy to trim and they also provide a paintable texture. Plant fiber panels are well designed and exist in a wide variety of color options to choose from as well. They will give the interior of your travel trailer a desirable contemporary and traditional finish. Plant fiber panels are solid, easy to install, and are available in a variety of styles and sizes.

Now that you have a material, desirable weight, and interior décor style in mind, the next important thing is to determine the appropriate size of the wall panels you need. You will, of course, have to take measurements physically to avoid buying something that will either be too small or too big, thus wasteful.

These are but a few of the most common travel trailer interior wall panels that are readily available in the markets today. Careful selection and expert advice are always of importance. Have the panels installed by a professional to avoid unnecessary repair costs. All the same, below are some options you may want to start by looking at as you approach the hardware stores.

Product Examples

1: Vinyl Paneling Adobe Arctic White
• Buy From: rvpartsnation.com
• Price: $34.95
• Link: https://is.gd/BVgYLY

2: 4' x 8' Wall Paneling
• Buy From: all-rite.com
• Price: $218.00
• Link: https://is.gd/Vokw4r

3: SuperLite RV Wall Panels (4.4mm)
• Buy From: mirageinc.com
• Price: $39.02
• Link: https://is.gd/o79oBn

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