Some Travel Trailer Holding Tanks Proper Maintenance Tips You Should Know

Travel trailer holding tanks are of great essence whenever we are out for camping or on vacation. However, some RV owners may not have the necessary information about proper maintenance, handling, and care of the tanks. These simple skills can improve comfort and convenience of life in our recreational vehicles and ensure the durability of the holding tanks for long term utility. Normally, most travel trailers come with two main types of special holding tanks aboard. These include the gray water tank, which stores wastewater from the sinks and bathrooms and the black water (sewer) tank, which stores water flushed from the toilet. Both of these tanks require proper care and maintenance from time to time in order to make your camping or road trip more enjoyable. Here are some tips about proper care you should get familiar with.

Dumping Your Travel Trailer Holding Tank

Regular dumping of both the gray and black water tanks is a mandatory requirement that prevents the possibility of the tank exceeding its storage capacity, which would lead to intimidating and embarrassing breakages. It is advisable that the black (sewer) water tank be emptied fast by hooking the waste hose to the holding tank. Once it is done, the gray water tank emptying should follow as it flushes the solid matter out of the hose pipe and prevents its clogging. The dumping is done with care using hand gloves and rubber boots to prevent the toxic waste from getting into contact with the skin. Have also ready soap and water to wash your hand after the activity.

Flushing/Cleaning Your Trailer’s Holding Tank

It is a common assumption that regular dumping of your holding tanks makes them perfectly clean. However, more thorough cleaning procedures have to be undertaken after every dumping. One of the best options includes backflushing the septic tank. This makes use of the high pressure to clean any solids and tissue that might be stuck on the tank’s sides. If your tank lacks inbuilt backflush valves, then it can be done manually. You may repeatedly fill clean water to about three quarters full, followed by emptying the tank until eventually when the water remains clear. This is of course, tiresome and not always the most interesting procedures. Alternatively, you could make use of a garden hose extension to rinse you RV trailer holding tanks. This is done by filling up the holding tank with the high-pressure water streaming from the hose pipe. The high pressure spills water in multiple directions which dislodge any stuck materials and debris on the walls of the tank. Afterward, the tank should be emptied normally.

Preventing Bad Odors in Your RV

For proper functioning of the RV holding tanks, certain measures must be observed. For the black water (sewage) tank, introducing a prerequisite volume of water in it is advised before any usage. This certain base volume water prevents embarrassing odors from penetrating the living space in the travel trailer upon the first usage as it combats further action of micro-organisms on waste. Moreover, it prevents any solids entering the travel trailer sewer tank from sticking on the walls.

Using Enzymatic Chemical for Waste Breakdown

It is also very important to add special a special enzymatic holding tanks chemical to your travel trailer holding tanks. These are environmentally friendly chemicals that help break down waste and tissue gradually. They also prevent accumulation of extreme odors and eventual penetration into your living space in the RV.

In summary, a travel trailer holding tank is a highly essential life equipment, which with proper care, provides much more convenience and increases the level of comfort in RV traveling or living. Holding tanks for travel trailers are available in a wide variety of types and sizes that you can choose from, depending on your daily waste capacity. When buying a replacement unit, be sure to choose wisely, most preferably with guidance from an experienced dealer or RV plumbing technician. Below are a few example models in the market.

Product Examples

1: Alpha Systems Holding Tank
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• Price: $110.00
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2: SmartTote2 2-Wheel Portable Waste Tanks, 18 Gallon
• Buy From: campingworld.com
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3: 20 Gallon Rv Holding Tank
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