Travel Trailer Generators And How To Choose A Good One

When on the road in your travel trailer, electric power is a basic necessity. It keeps your RV’s appliances and electric systems functioning, whether or not you are using AC or DC power. Additionally, outages are bound to happen from time to time at the trailer community park. In such a case, having a generator becomes extremely helpful since you will for one reason or another, need a reliable source of power. However, it is important to note that there are different types, brands, and models of Travel Trailer Generators in the market, and choosing a good one for you RV will depend on a number of factors worth your consideration. These include factors such as size, weight, wattage capacity, noise production, price, and reliability in terms of function and durability.

Generator Capacity

Travel trailer generators are mostly described by the amount of power they produce in terms of watts. The power capacity or wattage of a travel trailer generator represents the number of electric appliances you can be able to run at the same time using power from the generator. For instance, 3000-watts generators are mostly considered ideal for average RVs, whereby, not soo many appliances may be run at the same time. With such a unit, you can run a travel trailer appliance such as the air conditioner of say 13,500BTU along with a few other appliances such as the RV TV and radio. The most important thing to note is that if a generator is rated 2500 running watts, this means that it is nest designed to power devices whose running power requirements do not exceed 2500-W. the larger the wattage, the stronger and costlier the generator. You would also want to think about your power requirements in terms of amperage required to power your devices or appliances.

Generator Noise Levels

Noise is another essential factor to think about when buying an RV generator. You obviously do not want to get a product that will cause disturbance to you or your neighbors in the late silent night. For the best experience, look for a model that provides silent operation, like a portable inverter generator, for instance. Some of the best models are rated somewhere close to 50 to 65 dBA or A-weighted decibels, which are the units used to express the loudness of sound as it enters the human ear. It is important to note that increase in dBA by as little as 10 units would mean noise levels twice louder than the earlier. Be sure to check the dBA rating carefully when selecting a portable generator for your RV or travel trailer.

Travel Trailer Generator Weight

Weight is an important factor as far as RV travel convenience and ease of navigation are concerned. as much as your power usage requirements many be high, be sure to remember that the large generators are most likely to weigh more. Generator size and weight are in most cases proportional to performance capacity with relation to power production. Generator weight is also worth carefully considering since it also affects portability and transportation of the unit. However, some large models are equipped with wheels for easier transportation but steel, you may find it a bit challenging getting the machine in and out of your travel trailer.

Brand and Model Reputation

Last but not least, product brand and model are also factors worth considering for reputation. This is because not all brands provide the same level of convenience, effectiveness, durability, and dependability. Depending on features and power capacity, costs may also vary between models within a brand. It can be a wise idea to first of all go through RV generator reviews, ratings, and customer testimonials from trusted sites online to determine some of the best models in the market before making the huge decision and approaching your purchase. Some of the most reputed travel trailer generator brands in the market include Champion, Yamaha, and Honda, among others. Below are a few example models you can look into.

Product Examples

1: Yamaha EF3000iSEB Generator (3000+W)
• Buy From: steadypower.com
• Price: $2,222.10
• Link: https://is.gd/MHrIGn

2: 73536i Champion Power Equipment Portable Inverter Generator (2000+W)
• Buy From: Amazon
• Price: $462.99
• Link: https://is.gd/OMzWVT

3: Electric Start Gasoline-Powered Portable Generator (4400+W with Wheel Kit)
• Buy From: Home depot
• Price: $378.99 /each
• Link: https://is.gd/

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