All You Need To Know About Various Travel Trailer Flooring Options

Most travel trailers and RVs are mostly manufactured with flooring that’s made of particle board. This material is usually made from wood chips and then held together using water based glue. Particle boards are quite rigid, lightweight and affordable with the main downturn being that it is vulnerable to water damage.

Rubber flooring is also quite common and is normally used because of its superior surface protection qualities. In this regard, they are usually used to protect the existing surfaces of the trailer from moisture and other physical damage. Rubber is also known to increase the anti-slip traction and therefore improve the safety standards of the trailer. It is also worth mentioning that most rubber flooring that’s available is not only easy to install but also can be customized to fit varying dimensional needs. Rubber is usually a very solid barrier against abrasive objects or items, ensuring that the original flooring material lasts for much longer.

Here are some examples of readily available travel trailer flooring options worth taking a look at. They include but are not limited to the following:

1) Product Name: Mixed Malaysian Hardwood

Product Price: $ 2.89 per LF

Product URL: http://is.gd/kyVZ4n

Product Details: the typical grade for this is the standard and better grading. This particular grading does imply that there are few if any knots present and there are no structural defects. This flooring material is easy to install, long lasting and comes in a variety of colors for one to choose from. They are also available in a wide variety of sizes such as the 1-1/8 x 7 boards, the popular 1-5/16 x 7 boards as well as the 1-1/8 x 5 and 1-5/16 x 5 boards.

2) Product Name: Corrugated Composite Rib Rubber Runner Mats

Product Price: cost from $ 27.80 - $ 223.75

Product URL: http://is.gd/TyrOo9

Product Details: this corrugated rubber flooring does offer added traction with extra protrusions and grooves. The mat does combine two distinct styles of rubber corrugations, the wide rib as well as the fine rib. This does make it ideal for places with high foot traffic. The extra corrugations and ribs offer more moisture and dirt trapping qualities, making it ideal also for non-slip use in wet environments. The floor is not only affordable but is also quite sturdy and resilient. These mats are also readily available in a wide variety of colors

3) Product Name: Elephant Bark Flooring (Rubberized)

Product Price: $ 34.00 - $ 462.50

Product URL: http://is.gd/7QBdcn

Product Details: this is without doubt one of the most popular flooring options which is made using recycled rubber, making it quite eco-friendly and also very affordable. Unlike other flooring options which come in one available thickness, this particular mat does come in three sizes, the 5 mm thick mat, the 6.4mm thick flooring and the 9.5mm, this makes the rolls quite ideal for a wide variety of uses. It is also worth mentioning that the rolls are readily available in wide array of colors. The flooring does contain EPDM rubber which provides the material with some element of UV protection and can therefore be also used outdoors as well. They are also quite easy to install as well as maintain.

4) Product Name: Corrugated Ramp Runners

Product Price: $ 27.80 - $ 208.50

Product URL: http://is.gd/KvDiNl

Product Details: this rubber flooring material does offer users lots of traction through the well arranged cleat shaped protrusions which run the entire width of the roll. It does also offer some additional toehold for users through its deep studded edges which act as barriers, this is especially so across moist surfaces and up inclines. They are excellent no slip mats which have a ribbed rubber surface texture which helps any foot traffic to gain some traction. They are affordable and easy to install. The ribbed nature of the mats can easily scrape dirt and any mud from incoming footwear, keeping the dirt safely trapped onto the surface.

5) Product Name: ZCycle Interlocking Rubber Tile

Product Price: $ 20.31

Product URL: http://is.gd/e0lBN4

Product Details: these are easy to install interlocking rubber tiles which are made from recycled tires, they are an eco-friendly and durable flooring option. They are available at 3/8 inch thickness, giving them a much better level of cushioning and support for feet as well as any other objects which may be placed on top. They are conveniently sized at 28.5” by 28.5 “per tile, they are all black in color with white speckles. These floor tiles are also known to provide some anti-fatigue comfort for your feet once they are fitted.

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