Replacement Travel Trailer Door Selection Tips

There are several important factors which one must take into consideration when looking for travel trailer doors. First and foremost it is worth mentioning that knowing which side of the door is hinged is very important. Left hand doors have their hinges on the left hand side of the door when you view it from the outside of the trailer whereas right hand doors have the hinges on the right hand side. Most of these doors are not interchangeable in terms of hinge positioning.

It is also important to take into consideration the size of the door. Unless stated otherwise, most of the sizes you will get quoted at stores are usually the cut out opening size not the actual access size of the door. You should therefore measure your cut out opening size and not the actual size of the door. For obvious reasons, once installed, the doors are slightly smaller than the quoted sizes.

The material used to manufacture the door is also very important. Most doors are usually made from fiberglass even though the rating of the fiberglass may differ. You should also take into consideration the type of glass used on the window, obscure glass is the most preferred since it does provide the requisite privacy levels as well as still affording you some security.

Lastly, it is important to keep issues regarding your security and that of your loved ones high on the list. Get a door that’s fitted with a dead bolt lever as well as a flush mount lock for maximum security of yourself and other assets in the trailer.

Here are some readily available travel trailer doors in the market, they include:

1) Product Name: AP Products 30 x 72 Square Entrance Door RH – White Lock

Product Price: $ 429.96

Product URL: http://is.gd/E6T7WT

Product Details: this square entrance door is white in color and comes with a white flush mount lock with a deadbolt as well as an obscure window that has a white trim and is also attached to a screen door. The locks are an additional defense to your entry door. The door also has a 100 fiberglass skin for additional protection. The 12 by 21 obscure glass windows provide you with light and also ensure your privacy is not compromised. The door also comes with a silver mill finish and a matching screw cover trim. The hinges are on the left hand side and a convenient screen door latch that simply detaches and attaches to the entry door with ease.

2) Product Name: Dexter 24 by 68 square entrance door Right hand

Product Price: $ 479.97

Product URL: http://is.gd/myv2Sz

Product Details: this outer door has a 12 by 21 radius cornered window that’s fitted with obscure glass. The doors feature extruded hinges that have a full length pin and stainless steel bushings to offer longer service and reduce instances of sagging. The frame assembly of the door is mechanically fastened so as to provide a sturdy and strong assembly. Coming with a built in drip cap and a sloped threshold: the installation costs are greatly reduced and drainage is much better. The core assembly does constitute damage resistant fiberglass on both the interior and exterior surfaces. The adjustable strike plate and pre-cambered lock ensures that there is a positive seal. The built in lever latch does secure the screen door to the main or primary door.

3) Product Name: Camper Door 30 by 60 with screen and flush lock

Product Price: $ 492.00

Product URL: http://is.gd/gceWZ6

Product Details: these doors are constructed of some rugged fiberglass that’s been bonded firmly to a solid foam core and are fitted with a vertical sliding window which measures 12” by 27” for effective ventilation. The door opens from the left with its hinges being on the right hand side. each door does have heavy duty reinforced full interior screen door that’s fitted with a latch attachment so as to allow the screen door to also open with the main or primary door. The doors have a weather tight seal, secure closing and very quiet operation. It is also fitted with a flush mount latch and key locking function.

4) Product Name: Entry Door Square corner 24 by 72 Right Hand

Product Price: $ 499.58

Product URL: http://is.gd/TMQLmZ

Product Details: these entry doors come completely pre-assembled, including a screen door, frame and exterior door. You simply mount the frame into the cut out opening of the trailer and you are good to go. The pre-chambered lock does seal the door tightly onto the frame while screen door is fitted with a sliding plastic panel for easy access to the door lock area and a lever latch that’s used to fully secure it to the main door.

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