How To Choose The Right Countertop For Your Travel Trailer

Finding the perfect countertop for your trailer can be quite a challenge. This is especially so when you take into consideration the simple fact that you have more choices of materials, patterns and colors than ever. However, one of the very first things you need to take into consideration is your budget since some of the materials are very close in their price point and special offers or sales might just sway you.

When choosing your countertop, make a point of thinking big when looking at the samples. Normally, small and tiny samples make it very difficult to visualize how the material will look like. If you are buying online, try out the design tools to help you see how the material looks in close range and when enlarged.

When measuring the space, allow the fabricator to take the final measurements wherever possible so as to make accuracy his responsibility. If it’s you who is taking the measurements, make sure you leave very minimal excess measurements so as to minimize waste. In you contract, ensure that the contract and the estimate specify the materials finish and thickness as well as fees for cutouts for the faucet, cooktop, sink as well as edge treatment , removal of old counters and backsplash.

It is also important to take into consideration the sink. Always keep in mind that a top mounted sink can always be used with virtually any countertop material and is normally dropped in after you have installed the counter. On the other hand, an under-mount sink is usually placed under the countertop and is ideal for use with countertop materials that are water proof.

You should also take into consideration the material types that are in the market. These vary greatly and include materials such as quartz, granite, laminates, recycled glass, tile, solid surfacing, ultra compact, stainless steel, soapstone, limestone and butchers block amongst a long list of others. Quartz is also known as engineered stone and is a blend of resins, stone chips as well as pigments and is ideal for spots that get plenty of abuse and use.

Granite is also another popular option due to its durability and uniqueness. It is also ideal for areas that experience heavy use. Proper care should be taken though since its edges and corners tend to chip. Laminates on the other hand consist of layers of paper or fabric that’s been impregnated with some resin over composition wood and is much better looking. It is available in lots of interesting colors and cool patterns. The unit is ideal for use in areas of relatively heavy use but minimal abuse.

Stainless steel countertops are resistant to stains and heat. It allows users to integrate countertops in a kitchen with stainless appliances for a commercial and sleek kitchen look. To get rid of seams, one can buffed, ground and welded. Butcher blocks add warmth to any kitchen with maple being one of the most popular options. It is ideal for food preparation such as slicing and chopping and is very easy to repair and install.

Here are some of the popular travel trailer countertops readily available in the market. They include but are not limited to the following:

1) Product Name: CustomCraft Countertops

Product Price: $ 75.00

Product URL: http://is.gd/qMQBkY

Product Details: this unit does provide the homeowner with laminates and countertops that offer you the freedom from the current high retail prices. Offering trailer owners traditional classics as well as some simple elegance that’s common with contemporary styling, this is an easy to use and install unit that’s not only reliable but also long lasting. Measuring 30 inches by 144 inches, this high resolution laminate does give your surface a multi-textured natural look of stone that’s not only good looking but also quite unique as well.

2) Product Name: Carrara Pearl Ogee Edge Laminate Countertop

Product Price: $ 83.00

Product URL: http://is.gd/cX7kqI

Product Details: this five foot long countertop does come fitted with two finished ends as well as a double bowl sink cut out. It does also feature a twenty four inch cabinet depth, attached with a backsplash and an ogee edge. To give it that stand out look, the unit does have an etched quarry finish that’s stunning.

3) Product Name: Butcher Block Top

Product Price: $ 178.00

Product URL: http://is.gd/rgRrPW

Product Details: made of solid hardwood, this Baltic birch butcher block is ideal for use as an island top. Fully customizable, the unit can be oiled for a classic butcher block countertop look. You can also stain the unit to the color that you desire.

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