Travel Trailer Cleaning Tips For Both Interior And Exterior

In order for your travel trailer to look good and run great, maintenance is necessary. Your part is to clean both the interior and exterior of your travel trailer on a regular basis. You have to keep the dreaded sap off the roof, bugs and black streaks off the outside, as well as mud and clutter off the inside and outside. These tend to accumulate when left unattended. You have to deal with these elements one by one.

The things you'll need to execute this cleaning task:

- A sponge, mop and rags
- Auto detergent
- Cooking oil spray
- RV roof cleaner
- Bucket
- Wax
- Microfiber cloth
- Chlorine bleach
- Hose

1) Cleaning the roof of your travel trailer

When handling the roof, start cleaning from the highest point. This could be the roof vent, air conditioner, or sky dome. Using a black spot remover, you can clean the area with a rag or mop.

The second step involves cleaning the sides of the unit. You'll most likely encounter black streaks caused by bird droppings, water run-offs, or just any decaying matter that is washed off the roof when it rains.

You have to wash your roof at least once just before the rainy season to stay safe from black streaks. And lastly, make sure you don't interfere with barriers that prevent leaks on the roof or sides. You have to remove the mold and debris from the roof to prolong its lifespan.

2) Cleaning the exterior of your travel trailer

The first step involves using a garden hose to wash down the first layer of dirt on the outside of the unit. Invest in a cleaner purposefully made for removing black streaks on recreational vehicles.

When washing the windows, you have to use a window cleaner to do so. If your windows and siding have bugs or bird droppings, saturate those areas with spray cooking oil. Then wash off after 10 minutes have elapsed.

Finally, apply your coat of wax on the washed surface to protect your RV.

3) Cleaning the interior

Cleaning the interior is quite involving. That's because there are lots of things to clean, including holding tanks, the toilet, the floor etc. But you can do it with a little bit of planning.

First, travel trailers have two types of holding tanks; one for ''gray'' water and another one for ''black'' water. Gray water comes from the sinks and showers, while black water is from the toilet.

If the tanks have a flush system, you can use it to flush the tanks. Use chemicals to break down the solid matter and keep away odors. There are many types of enzyme-based treatments for washing black water tanks which you can effectively use to clean the sewer system. But don't use formaldehyde-based treatments since they destroy sewer lines.

If you do it correctly, your holding tanks should be clean and odor-free. You only have to remember flushing them when they are at least 2/3 full. Don't over-use free damping stations since most operators are now pulling them down due to abuse by some RV-iers.

With holding tanks covered, you can clean the rest of your travel trailer much like you do with your home. Your RV kitchen will be small in most cases, but then it must be kept clean as well. You have to wipe out the window sill tracks to keep them sparkling clean. Clean the vent wood filters, and sanitize every visible surface.

As for the plastic-based woodwork, you have to use a universal cleaner to clean them. The same applies to the kitchen table, washable floors and other furniture. In case your travel trailer has leather furnishings, use microfiber rag to clean or wipe the furnishings.

To keep bacteria and odor to the minimum, pour one ounce of chlorine bleach down the drainage system and flush after letting the chemical sit there for 5 minutes.

Make sure you put back everything in order. Travel trailers tend to be spacious enough to organize things. You want to keep clutter to the minimum so you can create even more space. Lastly, you can vacuum the carpet, fabric furniture, and just about anything that needs to be vacuumed.


These travel trailer cleaning tips should help you own a travel trailer which is clean and ready for the next trip. Remember, it is your responsibility to do the cleaning. You don't always have to hire someone to do it on your behalf.

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