Ensure A Hiqh Quality Of Sleep With The Right Travel Trailer Bunk Beds

Whether you live full time in a travel trailer or part time during your free days, there are some import factors to consider before and during your new lifestyle. Enjoyment and goes hand in hand with relaxation, and when it comes to comfort, the bunk bed you choose for your travel trailer has some important impact on your mobile home experience. Even though most travel trailer bunk beds come along with the RV as either fixed or modifiable, there’s absolutely nothing wrong with replacing or modifying. You may feel the need to install a new bed in a particular space in your travel trailer for an additional member of the family, or you may need to have a spare bunk bed in case you have a guest that will be over to spend the night. This makes it important to have some knowledge about the various options there are in the market and how to choose the right one. Safety, support, size, durability, cost, and design are some of the important factors to think about. Below are some considerations to make when buying a replacement or new bunk bed for your travel trailer.

Consider Space Available vs. Size and Shape

It would be quite intimidating to go shopping and come home with a new bed for your RV, only to find that it is too large for the intended space. It is important that you take accurate measurements of the space available and consider the shape before heading to your dealer for the bed. There are many different types of bunk beds based on shapes and sizes. It can be more advisable to approach a dealer who specializes in customized bunk bed sizes if you can get a good one, but travel trailers are mostly designed to leave some room that can accommodate the most common bunk bed sizes. As for shapes, there are also plenty of them to select, ranging from the standard queen bed to l-shaped bunk beds.

Style and Features

Style is also as important as size when it comes to choosing the right bunk bed for your RV. Different types of beds also come with a variety of features to choose from as add-ons. It mostly really depends on what your key preferences are, and who is going to use the bed in the first place. There are also plenty of styles to select from including the popular twin over twin, which features two twin beds that sit over each other. The twin over full is also a popular one, with a full bed in the bottom and a twin bed on top. Others include full over full, the futon bunk bed, and lofted beds. Triple surface configurations are also available. It is also important to consider the accessories the bed comes with to compliment the style. For instance, a twin over twin, or the triple bunk bed requires a sturdy bunk bed ladder with reliable footsteps and support barriers for safety.

Construction Material

One of the most important factors that will determine the quality, comfort, safety, and durability in your bunk bed, like any other piece or ordinary furniture, is the method and material of construction. Wood and metal are some of the most popular types of bunk beds. If you consider the wooden type, it is important to look at its way of construction and the particular type of wood it is made from. Hardwood beds may be safer and more durable. Confirm that the joints are well fastened and that the bed is well finished to avoid breakages during use and possible injuries from scratches causes by rough surfaces or protruding screws. For the metallic types, on the other hand, there are a number of safety concerns with time, especially if the bed is meant for use by kids.

Price and Source

Last but not least, you definitely need to consider the budget side of things. Different types of bunk beds cost differently. The prices may vary also depending on where you get your product. If you are good with woodworking and you possess the tools, there are numerous resource sites from where you can get DYI guides for bunk bed construction. Not only can it be fun, it can be mind relieving if you are on a tight budget. Before buying, do your research, compare prices from various stores, look at return policies and warranty and make a conclusion.

Example Travel Trailer Bunk Beds

1. DHP X-Loft Bunk Bed
Source: Amazon
Price: $249.99
Link: https://is.gd/y5KoLG

2. Folding Trailer - RV Wall Mount Bunk Beds
Source: Blazin Bell Tech
Price: $550.00
Link: https://is.gd/r2adCL

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