Using Travel Trailer Backsplashes To Transform Your RV Kitchen D├ęcor

Just like is the case with a conventional home, the kitchen of your travel trailer is a part or room you would want to keep clean, well maintained, and perhaps decorated to look appealing. As you think about getting some new appliances, utensils, or updating the look and feel of your RV furniture, the sink should also not be forgotten. This is where travel trailer backsplashes come in. not only are they important in protecting the structural integrity of your RVs interior from weather damage, well choose backsplashes can give you recreational vehicle or motor home a brand new appealing look that makes it feel more homely. When thinking about such an installation project, it is important to know the options available for you to choose from, as well as the best criteria when choosing backsplashes.

Factors to Bear in Mind

As much as it is obvious that travel trailers are mobile homes, a good number of owners forget to make important considerations when installing interior design features or adding items. When on the move in your RV, bumps and potholes could be encountered along the way. This means that any loose hanging objects (which could be parts of your décor) may easily fall off and get damaged or create messes.

Secondly, every object you include in the mobile home will obviously add a significant amount of weight. Since most RVs are towed by trucks or vehicles mobility difficulties could arise, and potentially come along with some safety hazards that you don’t want to find yourself in. An excessively heavy travel trailer is more likely to cost you more since more gas may be required to move your mobile home.

It is thus important to try and go for objects that are light-weight, durable, and flexible to avoid incurring more costs in gas and damages or possible creating inconveniences and safety hazards. This having been said, there are several options of backsplashes that can be installed in your travel trailer. They all vary in terms of properties such as weight, cost, sturdiness, strength, and durability.

Available RV Backsplash Options

Whether you just want to update the look of your RV kitchen backsplash, or you want to renovate and install a new design, there are various options to go for. The four most common options include ceramic tiles, glass tiles, paint, and smart tiles. However, ceramic and glass options are often put in the same category, but the material is obviously not the same in all their properties.

Common Backsplash Options for Travel Trailer

1) Wall Paint: painting the wall with a new color can provide a temporary solution for your RV backsplash. It is flexible, obviously light, and easy to install. However, will wear off faster, and removal can be a bit complicated.

2) Ceramic Tiles: Ceramic and glass tiles are durable and easy to clean. However, they might not be the best when it comes to limiting weight. Installation in an RV may also be a bit complicated, especially where space is limited.

3) Peel and Stick Smart tiles: These tiles are more advantageous in that they are light-weight, solid, flexible and provide a firm stick on the RV kitchen wall. Peel and Stick Smart tiles are made from translucent gel for added flexibility and texture. They can also give you the look of glass tiles. They are easy to install, even over an existing backsplash, and offer immense durability. They are easy to clean and their removal is also easy.

Choosing the Right RV Backsplash Option

To choose the right backsplash material for your RV kitchen, you only need to consider the previously mentioned factors such as weight, rigidity, ability to provide a solid stick on the wall, flexibility and durability. However, you also need to consider both the price of the backsplash material as well as the associated installation costs. You should also consider the décor aspect, like matching the color with the rest of your kitchen furniture and wall. Buy reputed travel trailer backsplashes from experienced, reputable, and trusted RV parts stores.

Installing Your Backsplash

Different types of RV backsplashes have different methods of installation. For instance, you don’t require much professionalism to paint the back of the sink with a new high-gloss paint to transform its look and add a waterproof surface layer. For ceramic or adhesive glass tiles, on the other hand, you have to follow an installation procedure, which may include surface preparation, sticking tiles on the wall using the appropriate adhesive, and adding grout. You can either hire a professional to do the installation for you or research online for some DYI tips and do it on your own. Some brands that come with installation instructions can be more advisable.

Some example backsplash tiles for travel trailers

1. Art3d Peel and Stick Backsplash Tile (12 x 11)

• Source: Amazon
• Price: $32.99 to $49.90 Prime
• Link: https://is.gd/Tksp9P

2. Peel and Impress Oblong Brown Vinyl Wall Tiles (11" x 9.25)

• Source: Amazon
• Price: $23.99
• Link: https://is.gd/3UPKHx

3. Mill Finish Aluminum Princess Victoria Backsplash

• Source: Amazon
• Price: From $8.99+
• Link: https://is.gd/3UPKHx

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