Important Tips To Note About Travel Trailer Axles When Upgrading Or Replacing

Whenever traveling is involved, there has to in most cases be some form of wheels and bearings involved at some point. Forget this notion if you are a travel trailer road trip enthusiast or frequent RVer because there’s no doubt that you rely on wheels and bearings a lot. According to Wikipedia’s definition of the word, an axle is basically a central shaft in wheeled vehicles, with or around which the wheels rotate. Travel trailers can have one of the various types of axles available, most of which differ in the way they function. When buying an RV or travel trailer, you may, therefore, want to ask about which type of axle the vehicle operates on.

Travel Trailer Axle Overview

Among the various types of axles available are torsion and leaf spring axles, which have for a while been the center of debate regarding which one is better than the other. Some people argue that torsion axle systems are better in a travel trailer, whereas others claim that leaf spring systems are more convenient when it comes to repairs and installations. Either way, both of these options seem to have their own merits and demerits according to RV travel and motor vehicle experts. However, the big question is; how do you determine which option is the best for you? Well, here are some two of the most common types of travel trailer axles, along with a few things you may want to know about the positives and downsides of each option before you make the huge decision when upgrading or replacing a suspension system for your travel trailer.

Torsion Axles

In torsion axles the ride height is adjustable and the suspension system is rubberized. The axle has a housing material, which contains 4 rubberized cords that serve to absorb shock and handle suspension travel. It is these rubber cords that compress as the wheels move up and down, providing a smooth ride by creating an even wheel suspension system. Remember that in this type, the axle is attached to the trailer’s frame, making the vehicle even more stable and tolerant against the bad effects of bumpy rough roads and harsh winds. Thanks to the rubber insulation on most parts of the system and galvanization of axle tubes, the system is less prone to corrosion from metal-metal contact friction.

However, one of the downsides of torsion axles is that when some of the parts in the suspension system break or becomes faulty, you may be prompted to consider replacing the entire unit. In this case, the old one is cut and a new one installed. However, these systems are designed to last for ages with low maintenance that will mostly involve bearing lubrication.

Leaf Spring Axles

Most RV trailers tend to have this type of axle, where a number of curved yet flattened plates lie stacked on top of one another in layers. These are mostly installed beneath the vehicle’s suspension system. One of the reasons why leaf spring axles are the most popular is that they are more affordable as compared to the torsion systems. They are also more convenient in that the parts are replaceable and repairable in case they become faulty or break down. This is the biggest advantage leaf spring axles have over their torsion counterparts. In addition to ensuring a steady ride for your travel trailer on road trips, this system also provides even wear of RV tires due to the excellent level of balancing they provide.

With the above distinguishing pointers in mind, you are now better equipped to decide on whether leaf spring or torsion suspension system is better for your travel trailer. However, it is important to remember that how best any of the two options serve you will depend on other factors such as loading, maintenance, care, and the user of your RV trailer. Below, are a few examples of travel trailer axles you may also be interested in looking at in case you’re shopping for a good model.

Product Examples

1: Straight Trailer Axles - 3,500-lbs
• Buy From: southwestwheel.com
• Price: $119.95
• Link: https://is.gd/tY5zIp

2: 38" HF; 22.5" Frame Center Torsion Axle
• Buy From: trailerpartsdepot.com
• Price: $352.00
• Link: https://is.gd/E8NAgE

3: Timbren Axleless Trailer Suspension System 3,500 lbs
• Buy From: etrailer.com
• Price: $899.45
• Link: https://is.gd/2C8bA0

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