Protect Yourself And Your Investment From The Sun With A Good Travel Trailer Awning

There are numerous reasons why awnings continue to grow in popularity. Some people buy awnings because the environment they live in does demand one, while others buy awnings so as to extend part of the living space. Notwithstanding the reasons for making a purchase, there are certain important factors one has to take into consideration.

One of the key factors worth taking into consideration is the quality of the awning in question. It is advisable to go for the well known brands such as sunsetter awnings which are great entry level awnings and desist from going for brand names that are not so common. Some of the well known brands include Durasol, Dometic, Eclipse, Sunair, Nuimage and Alutex.

Awnings can either be manual or motor powered. Even though the motor powered ones are slightly more expensive, they come with lots of advantages and convenience. Most of them have automated retraction capabilities which allow the awning to retract during harsh winds. It is also important to check on the color and size of the awning depending on the size of your travel trailer. Make sure you get a color that matches your other accessories: a good awning should complement the overall look of your trailer.

It is also advisable to accurately measure your travel trailer before you buy an awning because they come in different sizes. Here are some examples of readily available travel trailer awnings in the market space. They include:

1) Product Name: Carefree Travel’r 12V Power Awning Arms

Product Price: $ 584.87

Product URL: http://is.gd/esE3ue

Product Details: this flat pitch model is ideal for travel trailers and motorhomes. The model does incorporate Carefree’s exclusive rain dump feature that automatically helps in the release of any pooled water. The unique truss support design does provide superior strength as well as maximum head clearance for easy access to the patio area. Because it uses a wormgear motor, the awning won’t billow and the overall operation is quite seamless: giving users a peace of mind in the process.

2) Product Name: New Style Sunchaser Awning (Sunchaser II Canopy)

Product Price: $ 513.97

Product URL: http://is.gd/Q3duu2

Product Details: this is a heavy duty reinforced vinyl that’s fitted with a polar white weathershield and the classical A&E horizon stripe pattern that’s above and the clean white that’s usually below. The awning is washable, mildew and stain resistant, hemmed edges for a neat appearance and is fully UV protected. The acrylic coating on the awning does resist staining, fading as well as scratching. The hardware has rounded castings and is sturdier. It comes in more colors and can be matched with the roller tube for a more complete look and feel.

3) Product Name: Fiesta Sierra Brown 18’ RV Awning

Product Price: $ 723.08

Product URL: http://is.gd/2B9iBc

Product Details: it does include some key features that are not found on most competitors brands, it does have a multi-layer, heavy duty weatherguard and vinyl canopy that’s simply one of the best awning fabrics available. It does also have one of the strongest hardware arm channels and wand remote lock which does eliminate the need to reach with the pull cane to unlock the awning. The heavy duty brackets tend to match most travel trailers. The self storing, built in canopy clamp does keep the awning wrinkle free and tight. It does also come with a covered never rust, resilient extruded aluminum roller.

4) Product Name: A&E Weather Pro 12 ft with weathershield (monochromatic metal)

Product Price: $ 980.24

Product URL: http://is.gd/RQe4AM

Product Details: it does include an awning and roller tube, the solid state sensor automatically closes the awning after detecting sustained winds whereas the wireless remote control does operate the door and patio awning individually. It does also prevent the highly annoying false retractions. The exclusive knee action design does prevent instances of damage from sudden wind gusts. The unique spring arm mechanism that’s fitted in the awning does help in automatically dumping accumulating rain water. It does fit virtually all straight hardware applications that are complete with metal wrapped weather shield and a choice of six hardware colors.

5) Product Name: Dometic – AE- 11 ft 9100 Power Awning

Product Price: $ 601.94

Product URL: http://is.gd/d5lb6H

Product Details: its simplicity is quite astounding: with this awning you don’t have to struggle with closing or opening of your manual awning. This awning does bring the convenience and advantages of a motor driven awning. It does feature a rugged and stylish vinyl fabric.

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