Travel Trailer Air Conditioners - Stay Cool And Comfortable Throughout The Year

The importance of keeping your travel trailer air conditioning unit in good condition cannot be overemphasized. It not only keeps your cooling costs in check but also ensures that the unit lasts longer. However, there are certain tips one can take into consideration. The first thing you need to do is to follow the maintenance schedule that’s been outlined in your owner’s manuals. This does include doing simple things such as cleaning the coils. It is also highly recommended that you install some insulation around your windows so as to keep out the humidity and heat.

You should also make a point of cleaning your air filters more regularly
, this is important because allows for better air flow and allows the unit to operate more effectively and efficiently as well. another important tip is to always make a point of directing your vents in such a way that the cool air is not directed towards the thermostat, this is because having cool air hitting your thermostat makes it difficult for the air conditioner to cool the RV evenly.

It is also advisable to park your RV in shaded areas wherever that’s possible. This is bound to make some significant difference in your AC performance and also lower your energy usage. You should also block off all the unused portions of the RV so that you don’t waste cool air in such areas. Here are some of the best travel trailer air conditioners in the market. They include but are not limited to the following:

1) Product Name: Coleman Air Conditioner

Product Price: $ 699.27

Product URL: http://is.gd/bWYlG2

Product Details: the unit does without doubt deliver the highest airflow available in the market. The unit is fitted with a 1/3 HP fan motor, one of the largest motor currently used in any RV air conditioner. This does ensure that it delivers to the user lots of cool and fresh air at an incredible rate of 325 CFM . Its streamlined shape does significantly enhance the operational efficiency and style of the unit.

2) Product Name: Atwood (Aircommand) Air Conditioner Non-Ducted AC

Product Price: $ 600.12

Product URL: http://is.gd/3bQ5XX

Product Details: The Atwood (Aircommand) Air Conditioner is designed to consistently withstand the daily rigors of some of the harshest elements while still delivering some of the coolest air in its category. As matter of fact, the smooth air transition does quietly deliver a class leading three hundred and Sixty (360) CFM of cool air while still using less power. With an aerodynamic front profile, it is the lightest in its class. Fitted with a standard wireless remote, you can easily adjust the sleep timer, temperature and fan speed from anywhere in the coach. The unit has an electrical rating of 13,500 BTU per hour, 115V and 60Hz.

3) Product Name: Coleman Mach 3 Air Conditioner Upper Unit

Product Price: $ 528.34

Product URL: http://is.gd/SdpKK7

Product Details: this is without doubt one of the world’s leading over-the road bestseller, the Mach 3 PLUS does feature a large condenser coils and evaporator that’s raised with some rigid lance fins which assist with heat dissipation. The unit delivers 320 CFM, has a relatively solid 13,500 nominal BTU cooling. Fitted with gas –flux braze joints and copper tubing so as to ensure long life and durability of the air conditioner as well as reliability. The unit is fitted with a two speed fan, has some fantastic 115 Volts of AC power and depending on where you buy it from, it usually has a two years labor and parts warranty. It is also easy to install into any standard fourteen (14) inch roof vent. It is also worth mentioning that by simply adding the optional heater assembly, you get an additional 5600BTUs for those cool weather outings.

4) Product Name: Dometic (Duo Therm) Air Conditioner (Low Profile)

Product Price: $ 621.00

Product URL: http://is.gd/NxbAQ5

Product Details: with a height of slightly more than 9.5 inches above the roof line, these units have without doubt one of the lowest profile of any RV air conditioner. The blower that’s fitted in the unit does cycle automatically when in heating and cooling modes, giving the user some complete comfort from forty degrees Fahrenheit. With its contoured solar/shroud panel mount, the unit does significantly minimize any instance of wind drag. Further to the above, the contemporary contours do conceal the present vent openings, giving the unit a clean and smooth look. With its powerful and quiet airflow, the unit has a three speed blower motor as well as a washable return air filter that produces airflow that’s not only clean but also quite cool.

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