How To Shop For A SSD Laptop For An Upcoming Travel Trailer Road Trip

Lightweight, durable SSD laptops are the perfect accessories to bring along on a travel trailer road trip to do activities like classwork, checking email, watching movies, etc.

Designed to replace traditional hard drives, solid state drives (SSDs) typically use flash memory to deliver vastly superior performance and durability. This is mainly because with traditional hard drives, the constant and continuous motion that’s generated by the numerous, small moving parts does generate some heat which is a leading factor in most hard drive failures. Since SSDs don’t have moving parts, they are more shock and vibration resistant, making them more reliable and durable when compared against traditional hard drives. It is also worth mentioning that apart from their durability, SSDs are much faster since they offer what’s known as instant load performance which basically means faster application loading times, faster boot times as well as better system responsiveness. The units also quite light, this makes laptops lighter and easy to carry for day to day use.

With their ever increasing popularity, there are several factors one has to take into consideration when choosing SSD Drive laptops. This is mainly because when you are spending more money for less storage, you should be able to get the maximum benefits on offer.

One of the first things you need to look out for is a good, high maximum speeds. Typically, the maximum read speeds are around 400MB per second with the maximum write speeds being about 300MB per second. It is important to note though that these numbers don’t have to be exact since a slight variation in the speeds won’t have much effect. In addition, it is important to ensure that the unit has good real world speeds. Even though most manufacturers won’t provide real world write and read speeds, there are many online reviews that contain speed test results. Make sure you go through such a review so as to be able to manage and gauge your expectations. As a rule of thumb, if you want to figure out if a particular SSD is worth the price, then its real-world tests should be slightly higher than 2/3 of the reported maximum speed capabilities.

The next thing you need to take into consideration is the Multi-Level Cell (MLC) NAND flash memory. When you are shopping for an SSD, you are bound to come across two types of memory; the Single level Cell (SLC) and the Multi-Level Cell (MLC). The main difference being that the MLC can store more data or information on each cell. In addition, SLC is usually more expensive as well even though it is prone to fewer errors when compared against MLC.

Because most SSDs use the Serial ATA (SATA) interface, it is important to ensure that the unit you want to buy uses the latest version. Currently, you should get a unit that has SATA III support. This is mainly because whereas SATA I can easily transfer data up to 1.5Gbp/s, SATA II can easily transfer data at 3.0Gbps whereas SATAIII can transfer data up to 6Gbps. Your SSD should therefore be compatible with the latest technology.

Lastly, it is important to ensure that the SSD you choose has ECC (Error Correcting Code) memory. This is very important since the ECC memory provides the SSD with the ability to not only detect but also correct common types of data corruption so that you don’t end up with unusable data on your drive.

Here are some of the popular SSD drive laptops in readily available in the market. They include but are not limited to the following:

1) Product Name: Lenovo Yoga Intel Pentium 4GB Memory 128 GB SSD

Product Price: $ 499.99

Product URL: https://is.gd/yoEZJq

Product Details: this is one of the most versatile units in the market. It is an ultra-portable hybrid that’s fitted with a 360 degree hinge that’s ideal for tablet or laptop use. It does also have a very unique built in antenna that’s used to strengthen Wi-Fi connections. It does also have a relatively log battery life of nine hours.

2) Product Name: HP Spectre Touch Screen Laptop 8GB Memory 256GB SSD

Product Price: $ 1049.99

Product URL: https://is.gd/mP2yOm

Product Details: has a vivid HD touch screen as well as a convertible design that makes it possible to use the machine either as a laptop or tablet. It does also have a natural finger touch navigation system that makes the most out of Windows 10.

3) Product Name: Dell Inspiron Intel Core i5 8GB memory 256GB SSD

Product Price: $ 799.99

Product URL: https://is.gd/3WoRxf

Product Details: the unit is fitted with a 13.3 inch display that’s back lit so as to reduce instances of eye fatigue . The high quality Intel HD graphics also make it enjoyable to view videos and take part in online games.

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