Portable Door Wedge Alarms, How They Work, And Varieties To Go For

Gone are the days when alarm systems were not portable. You either had to get them fixed at home, on business premises or elsewhere, but not take them with you on a recreational vehicle trip.

But technology has made things a little bit flexible today. The alarms that are being manufactured today are very portable, thanks to the portable door wedge alarms that now sell in the market as a unique security equipment for deterring criminals or intruders.

These alarms are so effective because of the noise they emit and the attention they draw. It's hard to predict when you're going to bump into another door fitted with one of these.

How they work

They don't work like your regular door alarm. Instead, these pieces are placed on the floor near the door. They are positioned in such a way that the door is left ajar, but in a way that it cannot be forced open by an intruder. Ideally, they should be placed about 30cm away from the opening edge of the door so they can't be reached from the outside.

When this alarm is armed, it will only be triggered when someone attempts swinging the door open. It will sound a piecing 120 decibel of sound, while also preventing the intruder from opening the door further. Such sounds will definitely alert those nearby, and deter intruders from gaining further access.

The best thing with this portable alarm is the fact that it's simple, effective yet affordable to most people. Because it's mobile, meaning you can use it everywhere there is a door or window. Entry is prevented and at the same time, the intruder is denied access.

Another thing worth noting is that the alarm system is battery-powered, which adds to the convenience it gives to users. You can also use it as a simple door wedge once you power it off, so ideally it's a multipurpose gadget.

Other than offering a range of security benefits to the user, this alarm can be used by concerned parents when they want to catch their teenagers sneaking in late at night.

Things worth noting when installing this alarm

When using it for the first time, you need to remove the battery by first removing the battery cover underneath the unit. Connect the batteries to the alarm by plugging the connectors in such a way that polarity is taken care of.

Since the unit is now ready for use, you can place it on the door as appropriate for you. You can push the On/Off button (this alarm system has a 15 seconds delay, after which it will be active).

Test it by swinging the door open against the wedge alarm. It should produce noise the moment the metallic plate is depressed. You can slide the power button off to deactivate the alarm.

However, to use it as a regular door wedge, just power it off and use it as is. You should only turn on the power when you are vulnerable, or when there's a substantial risk of intruders gaining access to your premises.

When testing it, you should cover it with a heavy cloth so you don't damage your ears due to the noise it emits.

Here is a list of a few product examples to purchase

1) GE personal security Door stop alarm

When an intruder applies pressure on the doorstop, it activates the alarm. It has a convenient on/off sliding switch to toggle it, and a low-battery indicator to know when the battery unit needs a replacement. It features a plastic casing, plus it emits an amazing 120 decibel sound. The price is $8 only. (http://is.gd/fqesPj).

2) SABRE doorstop alarm

This alarm will go off when the metal edges are touched. It also has a very loud siren to deter intruders from opening the door. Just like the first one this model will indicate when it needs a battery replacement. The price is $10 only (http://is.gd/WEaHVs).

3) VKTech Door stop alarm (portable wireless security system)

This alarm is wedge-shaped to fit any hinged door. It emits an amazing 120 decibel sound when triggered. You should buy this unit for the price of $6 only (http://is.gd/El8asG).

4) Super doorstop alarm (best quality)

This unique wedge-shaped door alarm lets you adjust sensitivity according to your needs. The power switch is designed in such a way that it prevents accidental switching. The price of this model is $13 (http://is.gd/PwAXLn).

5) Reliance controls THP215 porytable alarm system

This is a 110 decibel alarm with 12V battery also included. The alarm is activated 5 seconds on contact. Lastly, you can use it on the windows too. The price is $11 (http://is.gd/7jHzZL).

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