Some Vital Golfer Supplies You Need For Your Road Trip

Planning for a golf road trip in a travel trailer does require some planning. Don’t just throw a bunch of clothes in your suitcase and be ready to go. One of the first things you need to do is to make a list of how many sets of clothes you’ll need for each day. If you want to play thirty six (36) holes every day and you tend to sweat a lot then it is advisable to pack a nice set of clothes for each and every round. When selecting your golf clothes, make sure you select clothes that would be appropriate for a high end country club; this is especially so if you are visiting a club for the first time. Always keep in mind that virtually all golf resorts have a dress code which you must adhere to. It is also important to check out the weather conditions before you embark on your road trip so as to get an idea of what to expect in terms of the weather.

Before the trip, make sure your shoes and clubs are cleaned. You should also ensure you have an appropriately sized golf travel bag and arrange for your car or rental car. You should also determine if transportation is available from your hotel to the golf courses you will be playing in.

The essentials for a golf trip include but are not limited to the following; a couple pairs of golf shoes just in case a pair gets wet when playing and appropriate clubs. Some pairs of collared golf shirts and nice pants or shorts, a set of vests, long sleeved shirts, a few golf gloves, caps/hats, insect repellent, sunscreen, lots of tees and balls. You can pack your golf shoes in your golf travel bag. When it comes to golf clubs; always adhere to the fourteen (14) club rule; settle on as few clubs you believe you would use so as not to carry any excess baggage.

For your clubs, you will need a specific travel bag. Usually three choices do exist, for more protection of your clubs hard cases come in quite handy. For a road trip, you can use either a padded soft case or alternatively opt for a hybrid between the soft and hard cases. Hybrids are ideal because they have a hard top which is used to protect the clubs. They also tend to take up less room when compared against the hard case. For ease of transportation, look for bags which have wheels. It is worth noting that if you want to travel light, you can opt to use rental clubs which you can get at your golf destination facility at a cost.

The number of clothing items will depend on the length of the trip and the number of holes you intend to play and whether you intend to have laundry services. It is advisable to plan nightly and daily clothing for each day of the trip. Keep in mind that you won’t be playing golf the whole period and you should therefore pack some special clothing such as for dining or other evening engagements.

When it comes to personal electronics, your golfer supplies packing checklist may be as basic as a simple wrist watch just to make sure you don’t miss your tee-time or alternatively pack golfing gadgets such as a tablet, mobile phone, GPS devices and rangefinders. You should also keep in mind that not all devices or gadgets are allowed on specific courses.

Finally, it is important to plan adequately. As a matter of fact, planning is actually one of the most complex destination components. It is important to plan about all the on and off course activities that you want the trip to include. For your golf activity, ensure that there is enough variety in the courses present in such facilities. If you are going for a four or five day trip, check out for facilities with multiple tracks so that you don’t get at the front line. You should also take into consideration your teeing off times, if you are a group; make sure you all get appropriately spaced tee-off times if you intend to play together as a group. Make sure you take into consideration all the trip dynamics from mundane topics such as sleeping and transport arrangements to important details such as seeking the necessary permissions to use the golfing facility.

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