Some Vital Golfer Supplies & Cheap Golf Gear For Men And Women Needed For A Travel Trailer Road Trip

Planning for a golf road trip in a travel trailer does require some planning. Don’t just throw a bunch of clothes in your suitcase along with some cheap golf gear and\or golfer supplies and be ready to go. One of the first things you need to do is to make a list of how many sets of clothes you’ll need for each day. If you want to play thirty six (36) holes every day and you tend to sweat a lot then it is advisable to pack a nice set of clothes for each and every round. When selecting your golf clothes, make sure you select clothes that would be appropriate for a high end country club; this is especially so if you are visiting a club for the first time. Always keep in mind that virtually all golf resorts have a dress code which you must adhere to. It is also important to check out the weather conditions before you embark on your road trip so as to get an idea of what to expect in terms of the weather.

One other thing to keep in mind, is who will be doing the actual golfing during the trip. Men? Women? Ladies? Kids? Toddlers? Left handers? No matter who plans to play some golf during the trip, there should be equipment & apparel & clothing ranging in costs from the expensive slash 'top of the line' to more affordable, budget friendly, new or used or preowned options available in the marketplace.

Before the trip, make sure your shoes and clubs are cleaned. You should also ensure you have an appropriately sized golf travel bag and arrange for your car or rental car. You should also determine if transportation is available from your hotel to the golf courses you will be playing in.

The essentials for a golf trip include but are not limited to the following; a couple pairs of golf shoes just in case a pair gets wet when playing and appropriate clubs. Some pairs of collared golf shirts and nice pants or shorts, a set of vests, long sleeved shirts, a few golf gloves, caps/hats, insect repellent, sunscreen, lots of tees and balls. You can pack your golf shoes in your golf travel bag. When it comes to golf clubs; always adhere to the fourteen (14) club rule; settle on as few clubs you believe you would use so as not to carry any excess baggage.

For your clubs, you will need a specific travel bag. Usually three choices do exist, for more protection of your clubs hard cases come in quite handy. For a road trip, you can use either a padded soft case or alternatively opt for a hybrid between the soft and hard cases. Hybrids are ideal because they have a hard top which is used to protect the clubs. They also tend to take up less room when compared against the hard case. For ease of transportation, look for bags which have wheels. It is worth noting that if you want to travel light, you can opt to use rental clubs which you can get at your golf destination facility at a cost.

The number of clothing items will depend on the length of the trip and the number of holes you intend to play and whether you intend to have laundry services. It is advisable to plan nightly and daily clothing for each day of the trip. Keep in mind that you won’t be playing golf the whole period and you should therefore pack some special clothing such as for dining or other evening engagements.

When it comes to personal electronics, your golfer supplies packing checklist may be as basic as a simple wrist watch just to make sure you don’t miss your tee-time or alternatively pack golfing gadgets such as a tablet, mobile phone, GPS devices and rangefinders. You should also keep in mind that not all devices or gadgets are allowed on specific courses.

Finally, it is important to plan adequately. As a matter of fact, planning is actually one of the most complex destination components. It is important to plan about all the on and off course activities that you want the trip to include. For your golf activity, ensure that there is enough variety in the courses present in such facilities. If you are going for a four or five day trip, check out for facilities with multiple tracks so that you don’t get at the front line. You should also take into consideration your teeing off times, if you are a group; make sure you all get appropriately spaced tee-off times if you intend to play together as a group. Make sure you take into consideration all the trip dynamics from mundane topics such as sleeping and transport arrangements to important details such as seeking the necessary permissions to use the golfing facility.


Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What are the best golf equipment stores?

A: While choosing the best golf stores, people should consider factors like; the value of the goods provided, the services, the quality of the merchandise and checkout ease. Stores that satisfy consumer needs and give consumers the best experiences are the outstanding ones. Dick's Sporting Goods is considered to be one of the best golf retailers regarding service, selection, and quality. However, some people who enjoy the sport might not have access to these stores. In this case, shops like Edwin Watts Golf and Golf Galaxy are a better choice.

Q: What are the best golf training aids?

A: An excellent training aid should be spontaneous, original and have the ability to produce results. Orange Whip Line has been proved to be the best training aid because it provides a weighted golf ball on the end of a shaft which is flexible. This flexible shaft promotes an in action pivot and arm swing. The wedge version corresponds the weight on the ends to imitate a perfect swing. The Impact Snap training aid is suitable too because of its guide rail and sliding internal weight. The focus band, on the other hand, has become relevant because of its neoprene headband that measures the brain's electoral activity.



Q: What are the best golf accessories and gadgets?

A: With the development of technology, golf gadgets and accessories have been improved to help the players with their swing and taking strokes off their handicap. They include;

- The Zepp Golf 2 which is attached to the player's glove, and it is used to collect and present data. It has automatic video recording, swing analysis, and smart coach training system.

- Cobra King K7 which has a GPS system that helps in automatic distance capture.

- Garmin Vivo active which is a watch. It helps in multi-sport and fitness tracking, measuring short distances and it is also used to keep the player's scorecard.

- TrackMyGolf Golf Swing Analyzer which helps get the metrics needed such as swing power, speed, and grip angle among others.

Q: Who makes the best golf apparel for men? For women?

A: Adidas, Puma, Skechers, Under Armour and Nike make the best golf apparel for men. On the other hand, Golftini, Polo, Abacus Sportswear, Lija, and Loudmouth are the top brands that make best female golfing attire.

The clothing ranges from shirts & slacks to shorts, dresses & skorts, with sizes from petite to plus size.

Q: Which golf travel bag is the best?

A: The Sun Mountain Club-Glider Meridian is the best golf travel bag. Even when the load is heavy, this bag has wheels that help take off some of the weight. It has a leg mechanism that helps with the rolling and a full zip from top to bottom.

Q: Which golf tees are the best?

A: Choosing a good tee is necessary because a golf tee can affect the game. A good golf tee helps the player build consistency off the tee, and it also helps in hitting more fairways. The following golf tees are the best.

- Zero Friction Tour 3-Prong Golf Tees. These tees provide little friction between the golf ball and the tee.
- Pride Professional Tee System Evolution Plastic Golf Tees. These tees are unbreakable; they offer little resistance and also less friction.
- Unbreakable Golf Tees. They are considered to last longer than other tees.
- Martini Golf Tees. They are known for their ability to lead to further straighter drives.
- Champ Zarma Fly tee. They also last longer, and their heads make it easier to balance the golf ball.

Q: Which golf balls are best for beginners? For women?

A: There is a lot to learn for beginners in golf. It is hard to shop for golf balls because there are many types. Beginners are always affected by ball fight, and distance and the following golf balls help make the game easier.

- Pinnacle Gold
- Srixon soft feel
- Nike PD 9
- Callaway super sport
- Taylor-Made Distance plus
- Wilson staff fifty elite
- Srixon Marathon

There are also golf balls that are specially made for women, and mostly they are easier to hit. They include; Callaway HEX Solaire Golf Ball (12 pack), Wilson Hope 12 ball ladies golf balls (pink/hot pink), Bridgestone Golf Lady Precept Golf Balls (Pack of 12), and Nike Golf Women's Power Distance Ball.

Q: Which golf shoes are the best for men? For women?

A: Best golf shoes should provide comfort to the player and also improve the player's swing. Below are the best golf shoes for men.

- Adidas powerband boa boost which has a midsole that provides an active cushion while swinging.
- Adidas adipower sport boost 3 which has a textile that keeps the shoe light.
- Adidas adipower bounce which has spikes that provide grip.

On the other hand, the following are the best golf shoes for women.

- Adidas adipower boost boa which provides comfort for the player's heels
- Adidas adipure sport which is designed in a way to provide breathability
- Adidas adipure tour which has a more rounded toe and wider forefoot to improve comfort.

Q: What golf clubs come in a set? Which golf clubs are essential? Why are golf clubs numbered?

A: 14 golf clubs can be carried in one set, and the clubs are either made from iron or wooden. A set of golf clubs contains the woods, the putter, the hybrid and the irons.

While considering which golf clubs are essential, one chooses the ones that work for them. Hybrids are more important than the long irons, and 3 and 5 woods are better than the drivers.

Golf clubs are numbered so as to express the difference between the clubs and to show the cutting edge technology that was offered by the matched clubs.

Q: What golf courses are open today?

A: To know the golf courses open, one can consider using online search engines or apps that have been developed for people interested in the game.

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