Why, How And Where Rvers Can Get Free Online College Courses For Credit

Education or knowledge is power, but accumulating the sufficient amount to give you the power you need could be obstructed by some inconveniences and challenges. Due to normal life situations, most people end up suspending their academic paths after getting their first or second college degree. As a matter of fact, some find themselves in a job they like, want, or have to do as soon as shortly after getting their technical certifications or high school diplomas. Others get a job in order to raise money to facilitate their further learning. Thanks to the World Wide Web, one no longer has to wait until they have a less demanding job in order to pursue their academic aspirations. There are many good institutions offering college courses and university programs over the internet, you can easily study without leaving the comfort of your home in the evening or at the office when you have some spare time. Even more interesting is the fact that Free Online College Courses for Credit are available, which can pace-set you towards earning your aspired degree and achieving your academic/career ambitions. But what are these for-credit courses and how do you find one from an accredited institution.

For-Credit Courses

The phrase 'For-credit courses’ is not to be confused with the one used to refer to actual financial study courses such as credit management, credit administration, and the like. Courses for credit are courses taken in order to add weight or value into a person’s academic or professional credentials. Depending on the particular subject or program, a 'for-credit course’ can be a good way to certain academic admission requirements to higher learning institutions. Taking certain such courses can also reduce the duration of study for certain study programs. Today, there are numerous institutions offering for credit courses online, some of which are free of charge. Taking one of those courses can be a good way to prospect your career forward. But where do you find these college courses online, and how do you go about it.

Discover What You Want To Do

If you have an academic mentor, this might be the time you need them most. If you don’t have one, start looking or find and download career guide materials from the internet. The trick is to invest your time in something you like or are good at, especially since you are looking for a free credit course.

Do Research On Reputable Colleges

As much as the internet has become one of the most important inventions in history, there are also a number of drawbacks. You can’t assume that an institution is legitimate, just because they are offering a free course. Being free should even arouse suspicion and make you research more. Conduct an online research about the most reputable accredited institutions and read reviews to find out more about them. From your research, identify 3-4 institutions and note them down for further scrutiny.

Analyze and Choose One

Now that you have a course that you want to pursue in mind, and you’ve identified a few potential colleges, ask yourself these questions and seek answer them as you compare the said institutions to choose one.

• Do they have what I’m looking for?
• What are their admission requirements and procedures?
• What are their course credit policies?
• What are their delivery methods?
• Do I need to travel to take an exam if any?
• Is the institution accredited and recognized internationally?
• Is the course entirely free?
• What happens after I’m done with my course?

The Ideal College for Credit Courses

The ideal organization to choose should be offering the course you intend to pursue, and should be one whose entry requirements you meet. It is important to find out about their credit policy, which includes a set of regulates governing the criteria in which they award credit for classes attended or courses taken. The instruction method is also quite important. Some online for-credit courses provide lectures in form of PDF notes, PowerPoint presentations, videos, and live webinars online. A school that utilizes most of these can be more preferable. It is also important to consider your locations since some institutions require someone to travel if any exams need to be taken. Last but not least, be sure o to find out more about the course fees, since some institutions will claim to provide free programs, only to find out that there are some fees involved at some point.

Once you are through with analysis, choose your ideal college, enroll and work for it.

Examples of Free Online Courses for Credit


• Institution: Kaplan University
• Price: Free
• Link: https://opencollege.kaplan.com/
• Contact: OC@KU Courses, https://opencollege.kaplan.com/contact/

2. Study.Com

• Institution: Multiple
• Price: free
• Link: http://study.com/articles/Colleges_and_Universities_that_Offer_Free_Courses_Online.html

3. Harvard Open Learning

• Institution: Harvard Extension School
• Price: Free
• Link: https://www.extension.harvard.edu/open-learning-initiative
• Contacts: Phone: (617) 495-4024,  Email: extension@dcemail.harvard.edu

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