7 Camping And Road Trip Essentials You Should Not Miss Out On

In the wake of anticipating a long camping trip, it's easy to forget the most essential things you'll need. That's why campers are always advised to go through a checklist before setting out on a journey. It's worthwhile, especially where the trip involves the entire family.

Therefore, if you're expecting a road trip, either by a recreational vehicle or a car, this checklist will serve you well, until the day you'll return from your journey.

Camping and road trip essentials: The most important things to consider

Sleep under the glare of stars, use firewood or charcoal to roast steak, and make sure that the woods feel like home away from home. There are several items you'll need where such an adventurous trip is involved. You must not wait to get them along the way when you can plan for them before the actual trip can take place.

Even if you're going to use a motorhome, you might still need tents, tarps, and just about every little miscellaneous. The truth is, not everybody is accustomed to the idea of ''sleeping in the woods or under the stars''. They need to know a few things; so here we go:

1) Cooking items

Most recreational vehicles have in-built cooking stoves. However, sometimes campers just want close contact with nature, so they take their cooking outside. Think about the outdoor barbeques; these can't be prepared inside your motorhome, hence the name ''outdoor''.

So carry an extra stove with fuel. Don't forget matches behind since you'll need them too. Make sure they are kept far away from water bottles -- soggy matches don't light up.

Carry a large saucepan and medium frying pan. A spatula, tongs and spoons will also be necessary. Also, bring along a fold-up steamer basket to steam things, just in case you're into steaming.

You'll generally need plastic silverware, cutting board, a sharp knife, paper towels, paper plates, and other items where you can cook and serve food in for you and your family.

2) Power needs

These days, electronics are more portable than ever. This means they should be charged on the go. Items like computers, phones, sat phones, cameras, touches and many others need power to work. This means you must be prepared to carry a whole bag containing various cables, plugs and connectors. These will be used to connect to a 12V power outlet.

3) Shower

Warm weather camping requires campers to shower outdoors. Using a draw bar water tap on your RV, plug a hose and a trigger spray. Then you can get a cheap laundry bowl to place your feet on. This will ensure that you don't step on mud. This is the most affordable way of creating an outdoor laundry area where you can shower.

Under laundry items, make sure you pack up bar or liquid soap for washing clothes. Then every member of your family should have their own towel too.

You can also carry clothes line with you, just in case you decide to wash and hang your clothes outside for them to dry faster.

4) Food

The things you shall eat must be kept fresh to avoid stomach upset in the park. So just carry enough for you and your family. You can also source out supplies along the way when there's need to. This also includes water. Buy extra jugs of water along the way.

5) Maps

You need electronic maps to navigate your way conveniently. There are instances when you might decide to go off-course, only to discover that you're tired and you need a rest. In this case, you'll be actively looking for the nearest camping ground. You don't want to go round and round because you'll be burning fuel for no reason. Instead, get a map which shows every nearest facility location, distance and time.

6) Sleeping at night

Pillows and blankets are a must-have. If you love an air-mattress, it's worthwhile to bring one along. Make sure you carry insect repellants because insects can really bother people in the woods. To avoid bites in the first place, make sure you are equipped with insect repellants.

Don't forget to carry a flashlight and a lantern to light up the space where you're parking at night. These can be very essential especially when there's a blackout, or when moving around a dimly lit area.

7) Sunscreen

You need to bring along your sunscreen to shield the skin from the effects of UV rays. You don't want to end up with patches of sunburn -- this is very important for people with sensitive skin.

These are the most essential items you can have. But one more thing; do not forget your first aid kit. It's essential for every camping trip you want to be involved in. Follow the checklist above so that you're not disappointed with your trip in the last minute.

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