Looking For The Best Tablet Computers For Traveling? Things You Should Know Before Choosing

Thanks to technology, you can today convert your bed or lazy couch in your travel trailer into a workstation (for homeschooling, college courses, etc); a convenient mobile device is all you need. This having been said, mobile devices seem to be with time, attempting to replace stationary desktop computers and laptops. Without dwelling too much on smartphones and standard tablets, durable tablet computers or hybrid tablets are gradually becoming quite trendy and gaining steady popularity in the tech gadget market front. They are also synonymously referred to as 2 in 1 tab or convertible tablets. A tablet computer basically provides you with the convenience and power of a regular laptop or desktop PC, but with added flexibility and a cell phone’s portability and other impressive features such as touch screen response. Some of them are flexible enough to fit in your pocket. Belows are tips that will help one locate the best tablet pc for the money.

Reasons to Buy a Tablet Computer

There are various reasons to make you want to buy a tablet PC.

First and foremost, the portable device gives you the combined convenience of both a tablet and a conventional laptop in terms of power, performance, and features. You can easily switch from laptop to tablet mode depending on what suits the moment. The hybrid or convertible notebook can come in handy in situations where mobility and fertility is highly convenient. You don’t have to get confined at your desk whenever you want to type a small note or do some sketches. You only need to switch to tablet mode and either use the fingertips or the stylus to navigate and you are good to go. In general, 2-in-1 tablets are convenient in terms of versatility, portability, and style.

Things to Look For In a Good Tablet Computer

With the above mind, perhaps you would want to know more about some of the Best Tablet Computers in the market today. Well, there are plenty of these devices in the market today, each with their own unique features, advantages, and drawbacks. When approaching the market to get yourself one of these tech gadgets, here are a few things you would want to look for.

Design and Build

Depending on the brand and model, different tablet computers have different designs and come in different styles, shapes, and sizes. There are two broad categories, though. These are the convertible tablets and hybrid tablets, even though the terms are sometimes used synonymously referring to the same thing. Hybrids allow you to attach and detach the keyboard part to the display part of the device when switching from the tablet to laptop mode respectively. Convertibles, on the other hand are mostly designed with a display that rotates up to two right angle degrees over a fixed hardware keyboard. They can also be folded up to close the screen. Some models have both the convertible and the hybrid features. Hybrids can be ideal for rare mobility situations where as convertibles can be perfect for usage where more mobility and flexibility is involved and required. Also, look for compact and strong designs that have a sleek, durable body.

The Operating System

Again depending on the particular brand and model, some tablet computers can accommodate more than one OS. For instance, some HP hybrids allow you to use both android and Microsoft operating systems where you get to switch at will as you transform from laptop to tablet mode. Other models support iOS, Mac. There are also various versions of these operating systems, just like it is with other tech devices. It really depends on what you intend to use the device for and how advanced of a user you are. Some OS’s are designed to provide an intuitive interface that is easy to operate.

Performance and Technical Specifications

Some of the most important specifications to look at includes the battery life, processor type, and speed, RAM, device internal memory, internet performance, and Wireless capabilities. A fast, more powerful, tablet PC generally performs better.

Other Features to Consider

Apart from the design properties, tablet computers come with additional features such as web camera and flashlight. It is also important to consider the touch screen sensitivity, display resolution, and responsiveness. Some models also come with other features such as card reader, HDMI ports, Ethernet, USB 3.0 and microphone.

Device Help and Support

Some of the best tablet computers provide users with highly-reliable customer support systems. These include access to live chat, email, or phone contacts for technical support with the device manufacturer in case an issue arises. Consider the warranty policy and its validity period before choosing a tablet PC.

Examples of Good Tablet Computers

1. The 12.5-Inch Dell XPS 12 Convertible

Get It From: Amazon

• New – From $1,190.99
• Refurbished – From $599.95
• Used – From $355.00

Link: https://is.gd/N4Ri1B

2. Asus Transformer Book 10.1-inch Touch Laptop/Tablet (Refurbished)

Get It From: Amazon

Price: $159.99

Link: https://is.gd/OLVvRb

3. HP Spectre X360 15t

Get It From: HP

Price: $1149.99

Link: https://is.gd/ZZzYSZ

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: When was tablet PC introduced?

A: The first tablet PC dates back to 2002. The tablet released by Original equipment manufacturers and made according to Microsoft Tablet Specification was designed to run Windows XP Tablet PC Edition.

Q: Why is the tablet is better than a laptop?

A: From Portability, to display, among many other factors, here are the top 5 reasons why tablets indeed are better than laptops.

Portability- With tablets coming in at sizes if 7-11 inches, in contrast to laptops which are 12-16 inches, it immediately comes to mind that tablets are the better choice for carrying around., not forgetting that tablets are also lighter than laptops.

Battery- Tablet’s will always have a better battery life than laptops, from having a smaller screen which means lower power consumption to less energy demanding hardware, tablets win this race as they can stay for up to 5hrs more than a standard laptop would last.

Display- With crispness and clarity of images increasing day by day, the display screen are becoming better and better as the day's go by. Tablet’s screens offer more pixel density than laptops. The feature pixel-per-inch (PPI), means an overall clearer, sharper, and more cohesive looking image.

Software- with more and more tools and devices becoming available to software makers by the day, the overall operating system with which the tablets run on is updated by the day to offer a more realistic, captivating and culturing environment, whether running on Android, Windows or Apple’s IOS. While the same is happening to the laptop, there is an increasing user-base shifting to tablets, make developers focus on that particular franchise.

Price- laptops are more expensive than tablets, thus higher preference of tablets to laptops.

Q: Are tablet batteries replaceable?

A: Yes. As one can imagine, tablet batteries won’t last forever, so at some replacement will be demanded. It is, however, advisable for the battery to be replaced by a trained professional. However, if you have the necessary skill you can replace your tablet’s battery, at the end of its battery’s life.

Q: Which tablet has the fastest processor?

A: The iPad Pro 12.9 inch Model. This model is powered by apple’s A9X chip and the Apple M9 motion co-processor, with a clock speed of 2.26 GHZ and 4GB of Ram. The iPad Pro 12.9 inch Model leveled a score of 5472 on GeekBench, through a variety of test and it still holds that record of the tablet with the fastest processor.

Q: Which tablet has the best camera?

A: Here is a mini review of the Samsung Galaxy tablet. Currently, the Samsung Galaxy Tab S3, with super sharp autofocus, as well as crisp photo shoot even in low light, the Samsung Galaxy Tab S3 takes this round with a 13.0 MP camera on the back and 5.0 MP on the front camera perfect for video chats calls. It has a price of about $499.99 at most retailers.

Q: Are tablet chargers interchangeable?

A: Well, we first get to see that there quite some manufacturers producing tablets in this age. For example, we have the Apple’s iPad, Samsung Tablets, Sony and Huawei among many others on this list. Although some are interchangeable, others are seemingly not, this is as observed in that the Apples iPad charger fit into a Samsung’s Galaxy tablet, this is because of the difference in USB type and ports. But the advent of the USB type-c, of which is already starting being used will solve all these problems, for it will be universal amongst many other advantages.

Q: Are tablet and iPad the same thing?

A: Tablets and iPads are the same things. They feature the similarities in hardware designs and specifications that are marked out to fit the profile of a tablet. The only difference between the two is the type of operating system (O.S) they run. The iPad runs on iOS, while the other tablets run on Android or Windows operating system.

Q: Who makes tablet processors?

A: The, Tablet processors, are of much importance, this is because; the type and speed of the processor, will determine the tablet’s performance. With that said here are some popular tablet processor manufacturers; Intel, Apple, Qualcomm, and Samsung among many others.

Q: What tablet can be used as a phone?

A: Any tablet with SIM support qualifies as a phone. All one has to do is insert your SIM card into the SIM slot, and just like that, you will be able to do everything a phone can do, from making a call to all other functionalities associated. But, emphasis on smaller size tablets is more practical, since putting a 10.1inch tablet is insane for making calls, and neither is the 7inch one an exception. All in all, using a third party accessory like Bluetooth earphones can bridge that error.

Q: What tablet has the biggest screen?

A: The world’s largest tablet to date, comes in with a 'huge' 42 inches display that is about five hundred times enormous than a traditional 7 inches tablet. It is called the sLablet launched by Ocado Technology in 2014. It doesn’t disappoint in hardware either, it features a 300mbps Wi-Fi, 4K resolution and a 12MP camera, and though the battery only lasts 60 minutes, it’s probably as big as the TV set at your home.

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